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Introducing Egypt

Egypt is the land of Pharaohs and fairy tales, the never-ending Nile River, gorgeous beach resorts made for families, and bustling cities with temples interwoven with road networks and rocky ruins entwined with tower blocks. Egypt is a country of many things, and for those who are looking for the ultimate holiday adventure, they’ll be sure to find something spectacular in this exhilarating, exciting destination. A journey to Egypt is the feeling of familiar luxury in an unfamiliar world, it’s the heat of the desert with the cooling Mediterranean coastline, and it’s the taste of the exotic whilst still having western comforts. But above all of these things, the most important and most significant is: the sensory experience of reliving the past in the present. Without a doubt, Egypt is one of the most central pieces of the puzzle when it comes to reconstructing the history of the world. The Pyramids of Giza, one of the original Seven World Wonders, has been an important tourist attraction for many years – and despite all the tourist hype and hysteria – it still remains to be a bucket list must. Embedded deep into our history on this planet, no trip to Egypt is complete without a tour of the Great Pyramid. Other important historical sites are Valley of the Kings, the Luxor Temple and Precinct of Amun-Re, Pyramid of Djoser, Colossi of Memnon, the Karnak Temple complex and Valley of the Queens.

For city sightseeing and vibrant tours, culture vultures will love the busy capital of Cairo; for the perfect mix of desert and beach, you simply can’t miss the resort town of Sharm el-Sheikh; or for awesome dive sites and the most beautiful coral reefs, grab your flippers and make tracks for Hurghada or Marsa Alam. Wherever you go in Egypt, you’ll be sure to find your own little piece of Egyptian heaven.


Family travel is fantastic in Egypt because there are so many luxury hotels and resorts to choose from, many of which cater to families travelling with young children. The hotels are often well facilitated, with children’s play areas, pools, baby changing rooms, and even babysitting services for parents who need a night off. Getting around Egypt is also very easy and there are a number of sights and attractions that are suitable for kids including the Pyramids of Giza and the Luxor Temple. Food is tasty and mostly mild, so there are flavours and dishes to suit all palates, even the fussiest of young eaters! Not only will children of all ages find the history of Egypt fascinating but there are also many beaches to choose from – many with luxury resorts – so the whole family will be able to find the perfect places to relax.


Egyptian cuisine can be defined by its heavy use of legumes and vegetables and various herbs and spices. Egyptian food is always well seasoned and full of flavour but rarely spicy / hot. Dishes to try include Ful wa Ta’meya (fava beans with falafel), Kofta Kebab, Sugoq wa Kibdah Iskandarani (Alexandrian sausages and liver) and Hawawshi (Egyptian meat pie). Street food is also fantastic here so you’ll be able to find some tasty treats when you’re travelling around – some great street eats are Diet bread, Kushari (macaroni and lentils), Mahshi (peppers stuffed with rice) and various sandwich options. Hotels and resorts will also offer more continental / international menus, fine dining as well as buffet options to suit the whole family.

History and Culture

Egypt is the most populated country in the Arab world, with more than 71 million people living in the country. Of those, the majority are Sunni Muslims and the local cultures is very much tied in with their strong religious beliefs. In traditional dress, women wear a black dress over their clothes with a veil to cover their face whenever they go out in public and you may see some men wearing a gallibaya (long shirt) and kaftan.

Recommended Experiences in Egypt

Top Locations in Egypt

Sharm el-Sheikh
If you’re looking for a family friendly beach resort with luxury hotels, Sharm el-Sheikh makes a fantastic choice. Located between the desert of the Sinai Peninsula and the Red Sea, it’s the perfect base for exploring Egypt’s diverse natural landscape. Be sure to explore Naama Bay, Ras Mohammed National Park and Pharaoh's Island or take a hike to Mount Sinai. Read more
This incredible capital is not to be missed. If you love history, culture, fine dining and luxury resorts, Cairo will tick all of those boxes! Take a sightseeing tour of the city and visit the Egyptian Museum, Al-Azhar Park, Mosque of Muhammad Ali, The Hanging Church, Coptic Museum, Mosque of Ibn Tulun, Tahrir Square and Cairo Tower. Read more
Pyramids of Giza
The Pyramids of Giza are form the cradle of Egyptian civilisation. These monuments date back to 2560 BC and they deserve at least a full day of your time. You can explore this site on foot or you can pay to hire a camel, and you can easily get there by taxi or bus from Cairo city centre.
The striking city of Luxor is set along the Nile River and is a popular stopping point for Nile cruises and Nile boat tours. Today, Make sure you check out the Luxor Temple, Karnak and Precinct of Amun-Re. Excursions to Luxor are available from Sharm el-Sheikh and Hurghada. Read more
Alexandria is a port city set along Egypt’s Med coastline and it’s home to some of the most attractive city architecture and attractions including many Greco-Roman landmarks, traditional cafes and European-style parks. Sights include Montaza Palace, Citadel of Qaitbay, Lighthouse of Alexandria and the famous Library of Alexandria.

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