Yoga is not just a way to keep fit but a way of life; an opportunity to connect the mind, body and soul in harmony and steady flow, which balances us and helps us find our inner strength. The chance to reconnect with nature and practice your asana breathing can be enhanced with a fantastic yoga holiday experience. You could awake in the morning somewhere blissfully balmy overlooking extraordinary vistas, such as on a Grecian Island or the exotic coast of Sardinia, take a yoga session, then relax by the pool and have a wonderful al fresco meal under the glare of the warmth of the sun. It’s all about unwinding, relaxing and renewing yourself through activity and dedicated ‘me time’, which can also include other chilled activities such as painting, journaling or getting a spa treatment. A yoga holiday can also take you further beyond the self and give you the chance to meet new people with similar interests, who are likeminded and want to have a positive and fun experience.

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