Introducing Petra

The most famous destination in Jordan and one of the most significant archaeological sites in the world, Petra is a spectacular city. Named the Rose City for its red sandstone cliffs and monuments, the ancient city of Petra is like a surreal journey into our past and is best known for its buildings which have been carved out of the cliff sides. Step back in time and walk the gigantic paths, canyons and valley ways of those who lived before us and explore the stunning Al Khazneh Temple, The Monastery and the pillars of Hadrian Gate.

Highlights of Petra

The Siq Entrance
This entrance will take you through the spectacular narrow gorge which is so vast that it looks as though it’s been made for giants. This narrow entrance way will lead you to the first major temple on site, the Al Khazneh Treasury.
The Treasury
The Treasury building, also known as Al Khazneh, is Petra’s most famous attraction. Carved out of sandstone cliff, it’s a truly remarkable sight.
The Monastery
The Monastery is worth the trek from the main Siq entrance and it’s much bigger than the Al Khazneh. There’s a tough uphill climb to the top but walkers will be rewarded with amazing panoramic views overlooking the entire ancient city.
Hadrian Gate and Cardo
This open space houses gigantic pillar ruins and leads to Cardo, a long street and one of the busiest areas of the city where the Nabataeans once walked back in the 4th Century.

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