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Introducing Fiji

It’s no secret that the island nation of Fiji is paradise. It’s got everything you would expect for heaven on earth; beautiful beaches swathed in soft white sand, miles and miles of bright blue ocean with nothing else in sight, crystal clear waters with views right to the bottom as you swim around the shore, and traditional thatched roof huts strewn into the distance in the shallow lagoons. And on top of all that, there’s absolutely no-one else around. Visitors to Fiji will feel like the only ones; and once you pick your own little spot in this glorious archipelago of little island chains, the ocean, the sand and the swaying palms behind you will be exclusively yours. And whilst we probably has you at the word “Fiji”, many still don’t know about the wonderful culture that comes hand in hand with this paradise destination. If the thought of unspoilt beaches and untouched nature don’t draw you in, seeing the smiling faces of the Fijian people sure will! Fiji is a multi-racial and multicultural country and everyone is made to feel welcome here. It’s the sort of Utopian society where people get along and neighbours become friends. So if you’re after a friendly destination for you and your family, one which resembles cloud nine, come to Fiji and get exploring.

Officially the Republic of Fiji, this island nation is made up of more than 300 islands. Scattered into the Pacific Ocean near Tonga and Wallis & Futuna, these islands form an area with the most stunning blue lagoons and white sand beaches, as well as offering some of the most amazing soft coral dive sites in the Pacific. From eco activities in the mountains to water sports, there really is so much to do. But most guests like to come here and do nothing at all. So whatever your holiday vibe, you’ll be sure to fall in love with Fiji’s incredible islands…


The island nation of Fiji is home to some of the best family friendly hotels in the South Pacific. Although this untouched archipelago of islands is not overly developed with large resorts, the handful that are there have been thoughtfully developed so that families of all sizes and people of ages are catered for. With so much beach and endless oceans to explore, Fiji makes the perfect family destination and because the islanders are so welcoming of children, the whole family will have an unforgettable time. Fiji’s small size also means that getting around is super easy (fantastic 24 hour water taxis are the best way of hopping between islands), so you won’t have long journeys every time you want a change of scenery.


The basic elements of Fijian cooking are sweet potatoes, taro, cassava, coconuts, fresh fish and seafood, and grains such as rice. Fish is caught daily on the islands so you’ll be sure to taste fresh dishes anywhere you dine – and it is often cooked on an open fire or using traditional underground cooking methods called a Lovo. Some popular local specialities include Kokoda (raw Mahi-Mahi fish marinated in lemon juice served with a creamy sauce), Duruka (Fijian asparagus curry), Nama salad (seaweed salad), Taro fritters, Chicken Tandoori and other spicy curries influenced by the country’s Indian population.

History and Culture

Fijian culture is roots from the indigenous Fijian people but it also takes on influences from Indian, Chinese and European settlers; forming a rich tapestry of traditions, these multicultural influences can be taken all the way from customs and etiquette to beliefs and values, artistic expression and music, and of course the national cuisine. This multi-racial, multicultural nation is made up of people who follow all different religions so you will find mosques, Christian churches, Sikh and Hindu temples across the country.

Top Locations in Fiji

Denarau Island
This is the largest resort area in Fiji and the South Pacific, comprising 8 different resorts and boasting a choice of spectacular beaches with an 18 hold championship golf course. For total relaxation, luxury and pampering, Denarau Island is the place to be. Within the resorts, there are multiple dining options for guests plus there is also a wonderful marina lined with great places to eat.
Mamanuca Islands
This beautiful chain of islands near Nadi and Denarau is a great place to go if you want a range of activities including surfing, snorkelling, windsurfing, parasailing or dolphin watching excursions. These islands include Beachcomber, Eori, Kadavulailai (Bounty), Kadomo, Malolo and Malololailai, and they all offer secluded beach areas.
Yasawa Islands
The Yasawa Group is made up of 20 different islands including Nacula, Sawa-i-Lau, Naviti, Viwa, Kuata, Tavewa and other more remote islands. If you’re after total seclusion, this is the place to come. This remote island chain has not been developed so you won’t find any shops or streets – just paradise and lots of beaches.
Coral Coast
This incredible 50 mile stretch of coastline runs from Nadi to Suva and makes a great drive for those who have hired a car. Along the way, there’ll be plenty of places to stop including Rendezvous Beach, Sanasana Beach, Namuka Bay Lagoon, Cuvu Harbour and Cuvu Beach, Sigatoka Sand Dunes, Kula Eco Park and Korolevu Bay.
Viti Levu is Fiji’s largest island and is home to the capital city of Suva. In Suva, you must take a tour of the colonial buildings including the Suva City Library building, and for a little shopping and culture, be sure to visit the locals’ Municipal Market. This is the nation’s most populated area so it makes a wonderful contrast if you want something different to the beaches.

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