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Introducing Singapore

The island city state of Singapore is a cool, chic destination and a world of serious contrasts; it’s where East meets West and where city meets jungle. For many, it seems to be an overnight adventure but for those in the know, Singapore is much more than just a stopover. It’s the heart and soul of Paranakan culture and it’s a fine example of pre-war and post-war colonial architecture, it’s another outstanding destination for mouth-watering South East Asian street food, and it’s the sort of place where you can shop ‘til you drop. And if you’re looking for an exotic destination in the Far East with just the right balance of old and new, you’ll find Singapore to be an enjoyable equilibrium for people of all ages. It boasts the bright lights of Hong Kong but not as intense or dramatic, the same exciting street food culture as neighbouring Malaysia but so much more refined, and the same love for island life as Indonesia but all without the long distance travel. The one thing that families and groups will love about this independent city state is the ease of getting around and having everything you need right at your feet. You don’t have to travel far to find the most authentic fish head curry and you won’t have to climb mountains or cross rivers to see monkeys in a rainforest. Everything is pretty accessible here and Singapore is stimulating but never overwhelming.

Singapore may be small in size but don’t let the landmass fool you. It might just surprise you how much can come from one city; this compact destination is home to a very stylish Chinatown, a charismatic and charming Little India, plus a bright and a colourful Arab Quarter where streets are lined with fabric shops and charming craft stalls. And then there’s the incredible colonial centre which is truly unmissable but wherever you find yourself, you’ll always be close to your next adventure because there really is so much to do here.


Family holidays are fantastic in the city state of Singapore. The small, compact destination makes travelling around with children super easy and transport links are better than most Western cities. This is one of the most efficient, clean and safe places to take your kids and there are so many attractions to keep you all entertained for weeks. Top attractions for children include Sentosa Island, Universal Studios, Night Safari Jurong Bird Park, Singapore Zoo, the Botanical Gardens and Singapore Underwater World.


Singaporean cuisine involves a huge diversity of flavours and is a tasty fusion of the state’s different ethnic groups and settlers such as the Malays, the Chinese, Indonesians, Indians, the English, the Portuguese as well as drawing inspiration from neighbours such as Sri Lanka, Thailand and the Middle East. Some must-try dishes include spicy Laksa noodles, Bak Kut The pork broth, Hokkien Mee noodles, fish head curry, Hup Hong chicken with rice, Char Kway Teow stir friend rice cake and Orh Luak oyster omelette. When it comes to dessert, look out for street hawkers selling a variety of Baobing (shaved ice with fruit, cream and toppings) – it’s a refreshing pick-me-up on a hot day and kids always love it.

History and Culture

The city of Singapore, which once belonged to Malaysia together with Sarawak and North Borneo, became an independent state in 1965. Today, it’s a sovereign democratic nation and is home to Malaysian descendants, Chinese descendants, the Paranakan community and other ethnic groups from around Asia and the Middle East. There’s no single national identity as such, rather an amalgamation of races that live in harmony. Food brings the country together and the diversity of the state can be seen in the amazing fusion cuisine which has evolved over the decades.

Top Locations in Singapore

Singapore’s amazing Chinatown is a serious assault on the senses; streets are lined with old world Paranakan buildings and iconic red lanterns and there really is a harmony of old and new. Not only is this a great place to eat and enjoy a whole variety of Chinese-Singaporean dishes, but it’s also a nice little area for shopping and for sightseeing at the local temples. The area is also home to Hong Lim Park, Singapore City Gallery, Singapore Coin and Notes Museum, and Baba House Museum.
Little India
Many travellers say that Little India offers the most authentic atmosphere when it comes to Singapore’s ethnic enclaves and if you’re in the mood for a tasty curry, there’s no better place to be. This is where all the North Indians, South Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshi come together and there’s much to see and do, including beautiful temples and endless shopping.
Raffles Bar and Downtown
Downtown Singapore and the area surrounding the Padang field is home to some of the most magnificent colonial style buildings in the city. Raffles Hotel first opened its doors in 1887 and it’s still as celebrated today as it was more than a century ago; head to the famous Long Bar inside the hotel and sip on a classic Singapore Sling whilst eating the peanuts on your table. You’ll notice that there are no bins so shell your peanuts onto the floor like everyone else – it’s all a part of the fun.
Sentosa Island
This manmade island is perfect for families with children because it’s got everything from beach villas and spa hotels to museums, waterparks, amusement parks and live entertainment. With numerous restaurants on site offering everything from Asian cuisine and Western cuisine to Halal food and cocktail bars, it’s the type of place you’ll want to spend quite a few days exploring.
East Coast Lagoon Food Village
There are so many food centres in Singapore; if you’ve got time, try them all but if you can only pick a few, the East Coast Lagoon Food Village is a hawker centre with a difference! This hawker centre offers a very unique al fresco setting, with views of the Eastern coastline and there are 50 different stalls to choose from – so it’s easy to find something to please the whole family. This area is particularly great for seafood but you’ll also find meat noodles, satay skewers, curries, fried snacks, cold desserts and much more.

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