Introducing Hurghada

For a relaxing beach resort in Egypt with a superb mix of beaches, water sports, excursions and activities plus shopping, fine dining and nightlife, this wonderful resort town can tick all of your boxes. Hurghada is one of those places where there’s always something to do and there’s never a dull moment. And as most holiday makers will find when they come here, they can really do as little or as much as they like depending on what appeals to them. Whether you’re a simple sun seeker who just wants a picturesque beach to catch a few rays or you’re an underwater adventurer who loves to learn about marine life, the beautiful resort of Hurghada has it all. With more than a dozen beachfronts to choose from, an endless choice of 5 star resorts and numerous dive schools and dive sites, your time here will not be forgotten.

Highlights of Hurghada

El Gouna
El Gouna is a famous tourist beach that is often compared to Venice for its numerous canals and bridges.
Soma Bay
Another well-known beach is Soma Bay and it’s one of the best maintained beaches in Hurghada.
Sekalla District
Head over to this modern district for the resort’s best dive schools and diving shops.
El Dahar
Take a tour of the wonderful old town area of El Dahar, where you will find authentic Egyptian coffee shops and traditional souks.
Spend a day on Mahmya Beach if you want to get away from it all. A paradise beach with quiet, secluded spots for bathing.

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