Introducing Bodrum

The beautiful Bodrum Peninsula is located along Turkey’s southeast coast and has long been a popular destination for tourists. Well known for its pretty beach towns and bustling resorts as well as the vibrant nightlife and fine choice of restaurants, the port city of Bodrum attracts thousands of visitors every year. Its twin bays overlooking St. Peter’s Castle and being home to Mausoleum of Mausolus also makes it a truly picturesque location with a rich history and there are many ancient ruins dotted around the area which will be of interest. Situated in the Muğla Province and at the heart of the eponymous district, Bodrum offers a great base for those wanting to explore the wider region.

Highlights of Bodrum

Ortakent Beach
This is one of the best beaches in the area and is located approximately 20 minutes away from the city.
St. Peter’s Castle
This striking castle, also known as Bodrum Castle was built by the Knights Hospitaller in the 15th Century. Today, the castle grounds includes a museum and is open to visitors year round.
Mausoleum of Mausolus
The city of Bodrum was known as the city of Halicarnassus in ancient times, famous for housing the Mausoleum which is now one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.
Bar Street
For top nightlife, head to Bar Street which is a one mile long road that runs parallel with the seafront. A lively spot with great views of the castle.
Gumbet Beach
Gumbet Beach is the nearest beach from Bodrum and it’s a great place for sunbathing or water sports and excursions.

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