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UTC/GMT -6 hours
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Introducing Nicaragua

Nicaragua holidays are captivating due to the country’s verdant green forests, stunning Pacific beaches, historic villages, volcanic islands, and thriving coffee fields; nonetheless, it is still one of the lesser explored countries in all of Latin America. A stay on the island of Ometepe, a seaside getaway in San Juan del Sur, and wandering the charming cobblestone alleys of Granada or León, two of Nicaragua’s most inviting cities adorned with Spanish architecture and significant cultural and political centres, are just some of the main attractions of a Nicaraguan adventure.

Top Locations in Nicaragua

Lake Nicaragua
With a length of 177 kilometres and an average width of 57 kilometres, Lake Nicaragua is the largest island in Central America. It includes 365 tiny islets and bigger islands like Ometepe, which is located in the middle of the lake and has two volcanoes. Lake Nicaragua is also the only freshwater lake with ocean life, including sharks.
The vibrant city of Granada is a lovely place to spend an afternoon exploring. It has some of Nicaragua's finest buildings, including a collection of churches and buildings built in Spanish colonial style. Convento San Francisco, one of Central America's oldest churches, can also be found here and is worth visiting, as it includes one of the country’s most important museums inside.
The intellectual centre of the nation is thought to be in Leon. The cathedral, art galleries, and expanding cuisine culture are further attractions of the city. The largest cathedral in Central America, located in Leon, combines Neoclassical and Baroque design elements.
Big Corn
The Big Corn, despite its namesake, is actually relatively small and it only takes an hour to bike around it. The beaches in this area are stunning, with light gold sand and clear waters that are consistently warm throughout the year making it an ideal beach holiday destination.
Masaya Volcano
Just 20 kilometres south of Managua, Nicaragua's capital city, the Masaya Volcano is one of the best sites to visit. The most incredible aspect of exploring this active volcano is how near you can drive to the crater's edge and park; however, you must do so facing down the hill in if an emergency evacuation is required.

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