Introducing Kusadi

A beautiful beach resort town located on the western coastline of Turkey, Kusadasi offers spectacular views overlooking the Aegean Sea. Located not too far from the popular areas of Bodrum, Didim, Çeşme and Izmir, this stunning coastal destination is the perfect place for beach lovers and history lovers alike. You will also be based extremely close to the amazing Ephesus classical ruins and together with a beautiful seafront promenade and harbour, Kusadasi is a fantastic holiday location with a little bit of everything. Suitable for families, groups and couples alike, Kusadasi is a must-visit for anyone exploring Turkey’s stunning Mediterranean region.

Highlights of Kusadi

Pigeon Island
Just off the coast of Kusadasi is the glorious Pigeon Island, an interesting sightseeing island featuring a walled Byzantine castle.
Ephesus Ruins
The ancient city of Ephesus is located less than 30 minutes away by car or daily tour bus. These ruins date back to classical Greece and the Roman Empire.
Kadinlar Denizi
Kadinlar Denizi the beautiful beachfront in Kusadasi, also known as Ladies Beach. A family friendly beach, ideal for swimming and sunbathing.
Temple of Artemis
An incredible ancient temple, also known as Temple of Diana, which was dedicated to Artemis, goddess of the moon and childbirth.
House of the Virgin Mary
This famous site and landmark is the Catholic and Muslim shrine located in the vicinity of Ephesus, and is the former home of the Virgin Mary.

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