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Introducing Grenada

They call it the Spice of the Caribbean. Grenada is probably best known for the irresistible smell of nutmeg in the air from the countless nutmeg farms. It’s also the most fertile island for fresh fruit and veg growing on its emerald coloured hills because the island gets more rainfall than anywhere in the region. But for holidaymakers in search sun, sea and great weather, it’s also a beach paradise with your classic white sand and turquoise waters, warm tropical weather and lush greenery all around you, more luxurious resorts and hotels than you can set eyes on, plus great food and great people to help soothe the soul. Comprising of a main island with six smaller islands surrounding it, Grenada is a destination for beach lovers and island hoppers. And from mountain hikes and lake adventures to sunbathing on the most seductive shorelines, watching expressive street dances and the sounds of soca to tasting the country’s heart-warming spicy cuisine enriched with nutmeg, Grenada is forever giving and forever stimulating. If you want a Caribbean beach holiday with a little extra je ne sais quoi, come to Grenada with your friends, loved ones or bring the whole family.

Spend your days relaxing in the luxury resorts along the southern coastline of the main island, venture offshore to Carriacou for premier beaches and a spot of turtle spotting, visit the unspoiled fishing paradise of Petite Martinique, or take a tour of the nation’s capital of St. George’s to witness the rainbow coloured buildings nestled into the hillside. Whatever you decide to fill your time with here on this magical collection of islands, you are likely to agree with us when we say that there’s just nowhere else quite like it in the Caribbean.


Grenada is one of the safest islands in the Caribbean and is ideal for families travelling with children. The island nation itself offers so for families to do and there’s a huge choice of beautiful beaches for those who are looking to relax and wind down with the most incredible views. There are also plenty of historic sites, pretty towns to explore and great places to hike – so there will never be a dull moment in Grenada. Hotels and resorts are family friendly and will offer a wide range of facilities and amenities for children. Getting around the main Grenada Island and the smaller surrounding islands is very easy; buses and taxis are extremely safe modes of transport and the Osprey Lines fast ferry service will take you between Grenada and islands such as Carriacou.


Grenada cuisine is best known for its huge variety of fresh ingredients and the use of nutmeg in many of its national dishes. With more rainfall than other parts of the Caribbean, Grenada benefits from very fertile soil. So fruit and veg is abundant here and seafood is very much a staple in local diet. Special dishes which reflect the nation’s rich agriculture and fishing industry are dishes such as Oil Down (salt fish with dumplings and breadfruit in coconut milk and turmeric), chilled lobster mousse, conch salad or conch fritters, smoked herring, jerk chicken or Grenadian chicken stew. For dessert, you simply have to try nutmeg ice cream, Grenadian Spice Cake, Grenada Fruit Cake or the locally produced chocolate.

History and Culture

From years of French and British colonisation and with deep roots as African slaves plus the more recent cultural influences from India, the Grenadians have had a long time develop a personality of their own. Their unique culture can be defined their different musical genres and their love of carnival and festival celebrations, their amazing food as well as their dedication to the arts. The official language of Grenada is English, with traces of French and African influencing the local dialect and modern culture still regards French and British customs.

Top Locations in Grenada

St. George's
St. George’s is one of the most beautiful towns in the Caribbean so if you are holidaying in Grenada, a visit to the capital is a must. Multi-coloured houses dot the lush green hills and there are so many winding roads and pretty backstreets to explore on foot. Visit Carenage Harbour and spend an afternoon browsing the lovely boutique shops and cafes.
The island of Carriacou is home to some of the prettiest beaches in Grenada. This unspoilt island offers the most fantastic sunset vistas as well as some great dive spots and snorkelling spots. Make sure you check out Paradise Beach, Hillsborough Beach, Sandy Island Beach, Anse La Roche, Petite Carenage, Tyrell Bay and the beautiful diver's paradise of White Island.
Gouyave is a fishing village in Grenada and it has been named “The Town that Never Sleeps” by the locals. Every single Friday, the village people put on a huge street party to attract locals and island residents to come and taste the amazing catches of the week. There’s live music, dancing, steamed and grilled fish, tasty crab and seafood, plenty of picnic tables, and plenty of beer and rum to go around. During the peak tourist season in winter, Fish Friday gets extremely busy and most hotels will help to organise transport to and from the party for hotel guests.
Petite Martinique
If you’re looking for an unspoiled and undiscovered part of Grenada, take a little trip to Petite Martinique. This traditional island is like stepping back into time and it is also home to the hill of Piton, a great place to go hiking. With only 900 residents, this place will feel totally off the beaten track and there are no resorts or hotels here – fantastic for escaping the crowds!
Underwater Sculpture Park
This is one of Grenada’s most spectacular attractions and perhaps one of the most popular snorkelling sites. The Underwater Sculpture Park is located in the Molinere Beauséjour Marine Protected Area and offers an underwater exhibition of beautiful artworks. A truly magical experience for divers.

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