In a modern, digital world, travelling is about sharing Instagram- mable shots of picturesque settings and filming stories for likes and comments. Travel however is about stretching yourself, trying new things, discovering a part of you that was dormant and creating memories that you will always hold dear. Each destination you explore will offer you the chance to meet new people and experience new cultures, their traditions, history and impressive local cuisine. It will teach you all about humanity as you understand and appreciate different ways of living and ideologies. The classroom becomes the world ahead of you, as you interact with a destination’s history, art and language, enriching you beyond the travel guide or documentary. Come out of your comfort zone, embrace new challenges and adventures by going on excursions or meeting new people as this will broaden your horizon and help you refocus. These authentic experiences will transform you, encourage you to self-reflect and become a storyteller from all the impressive and spectacular journeys you have embarked on.

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