Introducing Aqaba

Aqaba, a port city on the banks of the azure Red Sea, is the best destination in Jordan to spend relaxing on the beach. It is well-known for the excellent calibre of activities, particularly diving and windsurfing. It is also a trendy and bustling town, with coastal bars and a tremendously friendly population. Aqaba, with its quaint shops, thriving restaurants, and cafés enjoyed by both locals and tourists, provides a real sense of Jordanian culture, while also being a tax-free zone. During your time in Aqaba, you can also fulfil your sense of adventure through jeep tours along the desert dunes, experience camel rides like a Bedouin and discover notable landmarks nearby such as Wadi Rum and Petra.

Highlights of Aqaba

Red Sea Coral Reef
Jordan's warm sunshine, beach, and stunning coral reef can be supremely enjoyed in the beautiful city of Aqaba, which is nestled on the Red Sea's north-eastern coast. Divers can expect to see coral beds and schools of fish beaming with psychedelic colours. There are also WWII shipwrecks and even a few sunken classic motorcycles for deep sea diving enthusiasts. Snorkelling is another great way to explore the beautiful coral reef just a few feet beneath the surface of the water.
Sharif Al Hussein Bin Ali Mosque
The magnificent mosque in Aqaba, which bears the name of the Sharif of Mecca and the commander of the Arab Revolt in 1916, may be the most outstanding structure in the entire city. Its façade has evolved into a dazzling symbol and a representation of power and dominance thanks to their brilliant white stone, intricate minarets, and elegant arches. The exquisite marble courtyards inside have a similar peaceful atmosphere.
Aqaba Castle
For a deep insight into Jordan’s vivid history visit the 12th century Aqaba Castle, which was initially built by the Crusaders before being destroyed by Salah Al-Din, Egypt’s first sultan.
Aqaba Beaches
Crystal clear waters, pristine sandy beaches and impressive coral reef await you when you enjoy a relaxing beach holiday in Aqaba. Measuring 180km, the shoreline offers both private and public beaches. If you are looking for quaint cafes and restaurants head to the Middle Beach, which is also a brilliant spot to enjoy water sport activities such as diving, snorkelling and coral reef exploration.

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