Springtime is ideal for exploring new destinations as nature springs back into life and the weather becomes pleasant and mild. Known as the ‘shoulder season’ you can take advantage of lesser crowds when discovering vibrant new cities and their key attractions and have choice when choosing where to lounge on a balmy Mediterranean beach. This quieter season also allows you to engage with your surroundings and have a personal experience, offering nature its chance to connect with you. The longer days and warmer nights mean you can indulge in some adventure, capture the blossoming of the flowers in Japan, enjoy hiking through Malta with its Megalithic temples or wander the souks of Marrakech soaking up culture and dazzling aromas. If you are searching for picture perfect settings, head off to Corfu, with its green wilderness and cobbled streets donning endless charming cafes and castles, enabling you to see the sites like a local.

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