Introducing Preveza/Lefkas

Lefkas, also known as Lefkada, is a beautiful island connected to the mainland and harbour of Preveza via causeway. Set in the Ionian Sea, this incredible coastline running from Preveza Town down to the main island is a sight to behold; with azure blue waters, crystal clear shorelines and a varied terrain of golden beaches as well as pristine white sands. But it’s not just beaches and sunbathing here in Lefkada because there are plenty of opportunities for sailing, yachting or adrenaline pumping water sports plus the island’s lush green forests and wild mountains offer a hiking paradise for those who like to explore the great outdoors on foot.

Highlights of Preveza/Lefkas

Porto Katsiki
This is the most famous beach on the island. Porto Katsiki is a family friendly beach boasting soft white sands and crystalline waters. You’ll find a great spot for snorkelling.
Agios Ioannis
If you’re interested in wind surfing and water sports, Agios Ioannis Beach is the place to be. With a laidback atmosphere, sandy beach front and nearby amenities, this beach is a great place to hang out.
Agios Nikitas
Visit this small fishing village if you want to get away from the crowds. Although still a popular beach front, Agios Nikitas offers a slightly calmer atmosphere and incredible sea views.
Kavalos Village
Kavalos village is a beautiful and traditional village with quaint narrow streets and stone houses, and it offers an enchanting walking route through Melissa Gorge.

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