Introducing Marrakech

Magical Marrakech; the unique and eccentric world that forms the capital of Morocco, one of the most exotic destinations south of Europe, located along Africa’s North Western tip. Come here and you’ll cross paths with mysterious snake charmers, brash hawkers and inspired chefs trying to sell you their street eats at rock bottom prices; everything is exciting in Marrakech and tourists are always of great interest to the curious locals. And from the loud noises and fragrant aromas of the main square all the way to the silent nights in the Berber villages of the Atlas Mountains, this city of contrasts offers something exciting for everyone. Explore the incredible historical monuments of the city, soak up the sounds and sights in the city’s markets and bazaars, or retreat to a traditional riad for a tagine and traditional mint tea.

Highlights of Marrakech

Jemaa el-Fnaa
Visit the main square of the city and make sure you come back at night to walk around the busy night market and to taste the street food.
Majorelle Garden
Get away from the bustling streets and retreat to Majorelle Garden, a garden designed by Jacques Majorelle and bought over by Yves Saint Laurent in 1980.
Koutoubia Mosque
Take a tour of this iconic mosque, one of the most significant landmarks of the city
Bahia Palace
See this wonderfully ornate palace complex which dates back to the 19th Century
Marrakech Souk
Experience life as a local and go shopping in the famous Marrakech Souk. Learn to haggle and pick up some fantastic souvenirs including handmade leather bags, handcrafted trinkets and Moroccan teapots.

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