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Introducing Canada

Canada may belong to the North America continent but it’s a unique and interesting country in its own right, and more different to The United States of America than some might realise. With its own unique culture and a contrasting way of life, Canadians don’t like to be mistaken for Americans. Laidback, friendly, trusting and trustworthy, the folk of Canada have a charm and elegance about them that many will find infectious upon meeting them. But what really makes this destination stand out for the first time traveller is the dramatic landscapes everywhere you turn. From corner to corner, coast to coast, Canada is filled with natural landmarks such as Rocky Mountains and glinting glaciers or multi-coloured lakes and rainforests roaring with bears. Stretching from the U.S in the south to the Arctic Circle in the north, Canada’s landscape is a picture of extremes and along the way, you’ll come across some of the most vibrant cities in the world; including the multicultural and metropolitan city of Toronto, the cosmopolitan and culturally diverse Vancouver, the festival destination and shopping metropolis of Calgary, the chic European city of Montreal where people predominantly speak French, or the cool capital of Ottawa where Victorian architecture meets Indigenous art.

As the world’s second largest country, there’s a lot to be explored. And spread across six different time zones, a Canadian adventure is no brief encounter. It may take you a lifetime to experience every inch of this land. But with a week or two, you can warm yourself up with an overture and get the best of the handpicked highlights. Famed for the Rockies, outstanding cities and tasty maple syrup, the country of Canada is well worth a visit – and it’s a great destination for families, groups or couples in search of some off the beaten path exploration.


Families will love travelling to Canada. With its western culture, getting around will be extremely easy. Although the country is sparsely populated, road networks and transport links are very reliable, making travel with kids all the more easier. British Colombia offers some great beaches and some of the best family friendly lakeside resorts, whilst the Alberta Province has some fantastic lodges. Ontario is superb for water sports and Quebec is great for hiking and beautiful national parks. The options are endless and when it comes to major cities, you’ll find that most of them cater to kids with endless attractions, playgrounds and child friendly cafes, restaurants and eateries.


The food of Canada has been influenced by English cuisine, Sottish cuisine, First Nations cuisine and French cuisine, but it varies greatly across the different regions. Waves of immigration in the 19th and 20th centuries have also inspired influences from other parts of Europe plus South East Asia and the Caribbean. Today, the food is diverse and restaurant culture has grown to incorporate cuisines from all around the world. Some national dishes include Cod Tongues and Scrunchions (baked cod tongue and deep fried pork fat), Harp Seal (flipper pie), Sockeye (Canadian smoked salmon), Poutine (fries topped with cheese curds and gravy), Montreal Bagels (wood fired bagels), Yellow Pea Soup (split pea soup), Quebecois Meat Pie, and Maple Candied Bacon.

History and Culture

Canadian culture has been influenced by European cultures throughout history, particularly the French and the British. Which might explain why the Canadians are so dramatically different to Americans when it comes to beliefs, values, customs and way of life. Today, Canadian culture can be expressed through its love of art, through its unique fusion cuisine, its music and literature, as well as its political and social movements. The Canadians enjoy a society which is open and relatively free of class distinctions; this makes Canada extremely tolerant as a nation and the Canadian people are warm and friendly, and are not likely to make judgements before they get to know you. All in all, the Canadians are great people and they do not discriminate against race, sex, gender or religion.

Top Locations in Canada

The city of Vancouver is culturally diverse and surrounded by mountains, it’s the perfect mix of inner city fun and outdoor exploration. It’s also home to some of the best urban parks in the country; some parks not to miss are Stanley Park, Queen Elizabeth Park, VanDusen Botanical Garden and Pacific Spirit Regional Park. Read more
Toronto is a multicultural city and here, you will find amazing international cuisine. Some of the most iconic sights and attractions in the city include the CN Tower which features a fantastic revolving restaurant, Art Gallery of Ontario which showcases art spanning the 1st Century to the present day and boasts a collection more than 80,000 pieces, and the charming Distillery District which is fantastic for shopping. Read more
The French speaking city of Montreal boasts a unique European charm. Set on the Saint Lawrence River, this island city in Quebec features 19 individual boroughs and it’s home to some of the most spectacular colonial architecture in the region. Be sure to walk the cobblestoned neighbourhoods and check out the striking Notre-Dame Basilica plus the pretty streets of Old Montreal. Read more
Niagara Falls
As one of Canada’s most famous natural landmarks, Niagara Falls is a must. The city, also named Niagara Falls (same name as the waterfall), is a fantastic resort town with a touristy-vibe that kids will love. Theme parks, amusement arcades and fast food eateries cluster in the centre and provide a great place for visitors to eat and hang out. Read more
The Rockies
The Canadian Rockies is truly vast. There are a number of national parks within the Rocky Mountains range, including Banff National Park, Lake Louise National Park, Jasper National Park, Canmore National Park and Waterton National Park. So planning your trip is essential. There are countless lakes and falls, great wildlife spotting opportunities and endless hiking trails suitable for all ages.

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