Whether you are looking to go on a beach holiday, an exciting city break, a weekend getaway or even a babymoon, getting away from the stresses of life and reconnecting with your loved ones is the ultimate relationship builder. On holiday you are more likely to digitally detox which means you will have more time to connect and communicate effectively, face to face, together to decide how you’d like to spend your days and evenings, what cuisine you both fancy or what activities you would like to do. Staying somewhere new is also a brilliant way to reconnect with someone, sleeping in a new bed with a fresh set of linen, in a different room from one you are used to, all aids in getting closer and enjoying being next to each other. Holidays are the best form of escapism as you can actually live guilt-free when you choose to relax by the pool, at the beach or even in the bar lounge, as you can switch off and not worry about work or what is next on your to-do list. Relaxing becomes the foundation for building and strengthening your relationships. And just like old times, your sense of fun and adventure returns and ‘play’ is fun, rejuvenating and welcomed. After all, those who travel together do stay together.

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