Introducing Java

The incredible island of Java, lies between Sumatra and Bali and is a dazzling world which incorporates Indonesia’s biggest volcanoes and biggest cities alike. Home to the country’s capital city of Jakarta, this island is at the heart of it all and home to more than half of the country’s population, Java is bursting with culture and entertainment with much to do for every kind of traveller. Families and couples will find an endless choice of shopping, dining, luxury hotels and nightlife spots as well as countless museums and beautiful Dutch colonial architecture in cities such as Bandung and Malang. And let’s not forget the outstanding nature, beautiful national parks and blissful beaches to top it all off.

Highlights of Java

Indonesia’s huge capital is a must-visit for anyone staying on the island. It’s home to amazing shopping and nightlife as well as colonial architecture.
This northern city features an Old Quarter best known for its colonial landmarks such as the striking Lawang Sewu.
Bandung in the West Java Province is set amid volcanic mountains and beautiful tea plantations; it’s the perfect mix of city life and colonial history with beautiful natural landscapes. It’s also a top shopping destination.
Ujung Kulon National Park
Ujung Kulon National Park is the place to go for nature walks, beaches and to spot the Javan rhino.
Yogyakarta is famous for clinging onto its traditional arts and cultural heritage. Don’t miss Sultan’s Palace, the Living Culture Museum or the city’s gamelan concerts.

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