Fancy a getaway just before the Christmas festivities? November can not only offer warmth for those in search for warmer temperatures, but also affordable travel! Take an adventure in Europe, where you can enjoy mild temperatures in destinations such as the Canaries or Cyprus, making your stay comfortable whether you want to take gentle strolls along the coast, explore architectural wonders or go on hikes and walks along mountains and charming villages. The best time for a tropical adventure holiday in places such as the Seychelles or Thailand, is November. Soak up the glorious, warm sunshine, experience underwater marvels by diving or snorkelling and unwind miles away from home in serene and breath-taking destinations. For those seeking new cultural experiences travel short-haul in Southern Europe, to islands such as Malta or Gozo which offer a plethora of events and festivals to appreciate tradition, discover history and have some time away.

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