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Introducing Indonesia

Some know it as The Land of Fire but this mysterious cluster of islands can offer much more than just roaring volcanoes, bubbling geysers and sulphur lakes. Without a doubt it’s home to some pretty bizarre natural occurrences due to tectonic activity, including the world’s largest lake of acid, Ljen Acid Lake and Sidoarjo which spews out 50,000 cubic meters of mud instead of lava each day. But the allure doesn’t stop there. With endless stretches of rugged coastline and the most pristine beaches, tropical forests and stunning jungle resorts, sculpted rice paddies and Hindu temples, there’s a lot to be discovered in Indonesia. Whether you want to hit Bali’s South Kuta for world class surf, the remote shores of Wakatobi Island for unbelievable dive spots, or the lush forests of Ubud for a spiritual hiking experience, there really is something for every type of holidaymaker in this incredible Asian destination.

Made up of thousands of volcanic islands, this numinous world feels like the sort of exotic place you read about but never get a chance to experience in real life. But as one of the most tourist-friendly nations in South East Asia and with a giant sprawling capital city that longs to be a futuristic destination for curious Westerners, we couldn’t think of anywhere more apt for a family or couple’s adventure in the Far East region. And with so many miniature destinations offering their own unique elements of charm spread across the many islands, everyone will have a chance to find their perfect Indonesia.


Most families will make a beeline for Bali because of the amazing 5 star resorts and the gorgeous beaches (which are also very safe) but if you want an island destination that’s a bit more off the beaten track yet still family friendly, head to Lombok. Java is also a great place to stay as you can spend time in the capital, Jakarta followed by a few nights along the East Java coast where child friendly resorts are in abundance. Public transport is relatively easy and some of the most popular ways to travel is on ojek (motorcycle taxi), dokar (horse drawn cart), bus or private car.


Indonesian cuisine is a colourful affair, one which pleases all the senses. Visually appealing, an Indonesian spread will not disappoint and the rich selection of herbs and spices will create fragrant aromas. Regional dishes will vary but some notable dishes to try include the national dish of Nasi Goreng (stir fried rice with eggs and prawns), classic Mie Goreng noodles, Bakso meatball and noodle broth, Martabak stuffed crispy pancakes and Jakarta’s ever popular dish of Nasi Uduk.

History and Culture

The country of Indonesia has a lot of ethnic diversity and many experienced travellers will tell you that as a people, they are super friendly and very welcoming to tourists. Indonesians are very hospitable by nature and due to the main religion of Islam putting a big emphasis on the importance of family, many local residents will go out of their way to make family travel as easy and comfortable as possible. Other main religions include Protestantism, Catholicism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Confucianism, and there’s still much evidence of the Hindu-Buddhist civilisations as well as the Indian dynasties like the Pallava, Gupta, Pala and Chola from the 2nd Century to be seen today.

Resorts in Indonesia

Top Locations in Indonesia

This huge capital sits on the northwest coast on the island of Java and it’s a fascinating fusion of people, time and places. The population is multi-faceted with a great mix of Javanese, Malays, Chinese, Arabs, Indians and Europeans and the colonial architecture reveals a lot about the country’s diverse and rich past. Don’t miss Jakarta’s amazing Chinatown, the beautiful old port of Sunda Kelapa and the capital’s famous Old Town area.
If you’re looking for the perfect island escape, you have to make tracks for Lombok. Located East of Bali, this picturesque island is best known for the beautiful beaches and amazing surf. So whether you’re after a chilled family beach break or an adrenaline-filled adventure with water sports, Lombok has got it all. It’s also home to a sea turtle sanctuary which attracts visitors every single year. Whilst you’re there, be sure to take a tour of the Gili Islands (Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air) which are only 20 minutes away by boat and don’t miss Mount Rinjani, the second highest volcano in Indonesia. Read more
Bandung is a breathtakingly beautiful destination with the most spectacular panoramic views. This West Java province capital is loved for its volcanic landscape and stunning tea plantations which create a postcard-perfect backdrop for your holiday. Be sure to go trekking at Tangkuban Perahu, go boating on Patenggang Lake, and spend a day at the bubbling crater lake of Kawah Putih. Don’t forget to bring your camera to capture the bright blue hues of the sulphurous Kawah Putih waters.
Bintan Island
As a part of the Riau Archipelago in the South China Sea, Bintan Island is a dreamy resort destination designed for those in search of some luxury. Bintan is best known for its lavish spa hotels, its well-kept private beaches, its championship golf courses which attract thousands of keen golfers every single year, and the extensive water sports and activities on offer for families, couples, honeymooners or groups. If you want sun, sea and golf, Bintan Island is a great place to set up base.
It’s not easy to get to from mainland Indonesia but there are many reasons for going to Bali. This special island has a unique culture of its own and you’ll be met with the smiling faces of the Balinese as soon as you arrive. South Kuta and further south is a great place to stay if you’re after tourist-friendly beaches or luxury resorts but there are delightful beach resorts all around the island and you can’t miss out central Ubud either. Ubud is home to the famous monkey forest and is the spiritual heart of the island. Read more

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