Introducing Sicily

The large Mediterranean island of Sicily is located just off the tip of Italy’s boot. As an island, it boasts its own vibe whilst the culture is classically Italian; and in fact, it’s the biggest island in the Med with a landscape that reflects a very rich history and diverse natural surroundings. So for those who want the perfect mix of outdoor adventures and immersive culture, Sicily is a fine travel destination. And we haven’t even mentioned the beaches…..oh the beaches…..if paradise is what you’re after, the sandy shores of Cala Mosche or Sant Vito Lo Capo might be enough to tempt you. Or if that’s not the ticket, the famously divine Sicilian cuisine which fuses the best of Italy with influences from afar will certainly win you over.

Highlights of Sicily

This beautiful city is one of the most popular destinations on the island and offers colourful street life and bustling markets.
Taormina is a hilltop town in the eastern side of the island located close to Mt. Etna. This is a great base for volcano trekking tours.
The ancient port city of Catania sits at the foot of the volcano and it also offers spectacular views of the sea. Visit the central square, Piazza del Duomo for sightseeing and don’t miss the famous fish market.
Syracuse is a great destination for history lovers. Discover the city’s big amphitheatres and Greek architectural ruins.
Explore the beautiful city of Trapani and check out the rugged coastline plus the incredible history and architecture.

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