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Introducing Saint Kitts and Nevis

St Kitts is the island nation of intoxicating natural beauty, breath-taking sunsets and the most glorious white sand beaches. It’s without a doubt one of the most coveted destinations in the Caribbean but its beauty is just a part of its offering as a holiday location in the Caribbean’s emerald coloured waters. St Kitts is many things to many people; it’s the perfect place to have an outdoor adventure, it’s the coolest destination for catamaran cruises, it’s an awesome place for divers and snorkelers, it’s a fishing enthusiast’s paradise, it’s a divine Caribbean backdrop for keen golfers, it’s the best place in the world for birdwatching and nature spotting, and it’s a spa and shopping heaven for those who like to indulge a little.

The nation’s beneficial location and valuable sugar trade has helped the country’s economy flourish and as a result, St Kitts is able to offer some of the most luxurious high-end resorts, the most decadent dining spots, the most stylish spa hotels, the most exclusive golf clubs and courses, plus the most splendid duty free shopping sites. And if you’re here to experience the Caribbean’s legendary party culture, there’s no other place quite like the famous Strip on Frigate Bay where a number of iconic venues line the waterfront, each with their own unique fusion of music, dance, food, drink and beautiful crowds. Whilst the island nation of St Kitts undoubtedly offers unadulterated luxury and the best adult entertainment, it also makes for a fun, safe, warm and inviting destination for families travelling with children of all ages. The beaches form ideal environments for quality family time; from the secluded spots at Banana Bay and the powdery soft sands of Cockleshell Bay to the safe snorkelling spots of Conaree Beach and the convenience of nearby restaurants at North Frigate Bay, there really is a bay, beach or cove designed for every type of family. But no matter who you come here with, St Kitts will not let you down when it comes to outstanding nature, mind-blowing sea views and the best in resort luxury.


There’s no denying that St Kitts is a dreamy destination made for lovers and honeymooning couples. It’s such a romantic place to be; but that doesn’t mean that the kids won’t love it too. Children of all ages will be able to appreciate the region’s exuberant nature whilst learning about the country’s legacies of slavery and colonialism. There are so many beaches, bays and coves to choose from so you’ll be sure to find the perfect sunbathing spot for you and your little ones – and many of the beaches are very safe for swimming and snorkelling. There are also a number of interesting attractions should beach life and nature become a little too much – you can visit Charles Fort, Berkely Memorial, St. Kitts Eco-Park, Brimstone Hill Fortress or Wingfield River and Water Works for a fun day out.


If you plan on eating out on St Kitts Island, you’ll likely be spending time in the Bassaterre area, where most of the island’s restaurants are located. There are also some more tourist orientated restaurants around Frigate Bay which could be more appealing for families travelling with children but generally, Bassaterre offers a wide enough choice for all. You’ll find everything from beachside grills and barbequed meats to West Indian cuisine and international restaurants. Authentic local food includes Rikkita Beef and Caribbean Goat Stew as well as the local speciality of roasted pig and various seafood dishes. Both coffee and locally squeezed fruit juices are a favourite for locals but for something with a little more kick, ask for a glass of Fairling – that’s the local rum punch which is often garnished with a sprinkle of warming nutmeg.

History and Culture

The culture of St Kitts and Nevis has been cultivated from traditional West African customs and the slave population brought in during colonial times. This unique cultural makeup means that a journey to St Kitts is as educational as it is luxurious, and both kids and grownups will find the history inspiring to learn about. Defined by carnival, salsa, soca and jazz in the world of music and rug weaving, wood carving and Batik prints in the world of arts and crafts, the culture of St Kitts is truly eclectic and great mix of old and new. And because African mythology is very much alive here, the locals are unsurprisingly superstitious and they are also natural born story-tellers. Both the Kittitians and Nevisians living on the islands are friendly, warm and welcoming and they love to share their colourful culture with anyone who comes to visit.

Top Locations in Saint Kitts and Nevis

Banana Bay
This is a secluded beach located at the tip of the South East peninsula on St Kitts Island. It’s everyone’s definition of paradise; clear waters, untouched sand and exotic coconut trees lining the bay. If you want some peace and quiet, you won’t be disturbed by tourist crowds here. It’s the perfect place to sunbathe and catch up on a good book – or if you’re bringing kids, be sure to pack bottled water and snacks as there are no restaurants lining the waterfront.
Dieppe Bay Beach
If you need a beach with more action, welcome to the snorkelling paradise of Dieppe Bay Beach. This black sand beach is lined with beautiful palms, and the beach’s major reef means that it is home to a wonderful array of marine life. The shiny volcanic sand makes this beach a unique point of interest and it’s perfect for those who want to bathe.
Shopping in the Capital
Head to Basseterre, the capital for a unique shopping experience. Here you will find an interesting mix of shopping malls and small, independent boutiques, and you’ll be able to learn more about Kittitian culture as you browse the locally produced crafts and clothing on sale. Art lovers will adore the city’s many art galleries as well as the must-visit Craft House of St Kitts where sculptures are made from a variety of raw materials.
Turtle Bay
Turtle Bay is the place to go if you’re after some top surf. Located next to the popular Sandy Bank, this secluded beach spot doesn’t have the busy crowds and it’s also safe enough for a swim in the shallow waters. What’s really unique about Turtle Bay though, is the gorgeous view of sister island Nevis from the coastline. The ultimate spot for romantic sunsets.
The Strip on Frigate Bay
If you’re looking for nightlife, The Strip on Frigate Bay is not to be missed. This famous part of the beach on St Kitts is home to The Monkey Bar, best known to locals and tourists for its open air dance floor. It’s been a party destination since the early 90s but The Strip is just as great in the daytime – so be sure to swing by for some lunch.

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