We all want to be more environmentally conscious and help reduce the impact of global warming, whilst at the same time still discover the magnificence of the world around us. There are many ways we can help accomplish these goals and still enjoy going on vacation to unwind, explore new cultures, unearth important history and support communities through tourism. You could book your stay in an eco-friendly hotel, which is mindful of their energy use and takes action by sourcing its food, for example, from local vendors. Another great way is to visit less popular destinations, which will not only enable you to discover unique spots without massive crowds, but you will be doing good by supporting their community and the livelihoods of people who inhabit there. Equally if you do have on your bucket list a popular travel destination, you could choose to visit during off peak season and embark on local activities and adventures which will not only offer you an authentic experience, but will help you learn more about the local culture and life of its people, and maybe find your way of giving back.

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