Introducing Paphos

There are fewer places quite as spectacular as Paphos in Cyprus. A destination known for its beautiful sandy beaches, its lavish resorts, its fantastic tourist areas and impressive nightlife, Paphos has long been a draw for sun, see and party lovers. It’s been a popular beach location amongst couples and sun-seeking families alike. But apart from the endless sunbathing and fantastic food and drink culture, it’s also an incredible place for those who take an interest in history and Greek mythology. Paphos, home and birthplace to Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty, is a historically significant destination in the world and boasts a romantic past together with ancient ruins, tombs and fortresses for those who love to sightsee.

Highlights of Paphos

Paphos Archaeological Park
The Paphos Archaeological Park is located in the Nea Pafos area and features various different ruins including fortresses, ancient tombs and villas.
This ancient village in the Paphos district is said to be the mythical birthplace of Aphrodite, goddess of love.
Coral Bay
Visit Coral Bay if you’re after a well-maintained sandy beach with convenient rows of shops, restaurants and cafes nearby.
Petra tou Romiou
Petra tou Romiou, also known as Aphrodite’s Rock is a stack in the sea eroded by waves that can be found just off the shore between Paphos and Limassol.
Paphos Castle
Located on the edge of Paphos Harbour, this castle was originally built as a Byzantine fort. It was later rebuilt after an earthquake which took place in 1222.

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