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Introducing Romania

Romania, which lies in central Europe, is widely recognized for its renowned Transylvania area. The superb historic areas such as Sighisoara and the fortifications such as Bran Castles, which are frequently linked to the Dracula legend are impressive and exciting places to explore. You can travel from the Danube River to Bucharest, the country’s capital, and then head to the Black Sea in the space of a few hours.

The Carpathian Mountains, which encircle Romania, draw travellers searching for exhilarating mountaineering, hiking, and ski experiences. Romania is characterised by its abundance of traditional culture and its beautiful landscape. You’ll understand why after spending some time discovering its architectural wonders, thriving cultural scene, and gorgeous vistas.

Top Locations in Romania

The National Museum in Romania
In the Old Town is where you can find the National Museum of Romanian History. From Wednesday through Sunday, it is open to the public and is home to a number of exhibitions that trace the heritage of the nation from the Ottoman era to today.
King Michael I Park
With a total area of more than 187 hectares, this parkland is the largest in Bucharest and among the largest in all of Europe. You may hire boats and hydro bicycles to cruise around the area, which is surrounded by Lake Herastrau. Be sure to explore the Japanese Garden home to beautiful Japanese maple trees and cherry blossoms.
The Palace of the Parliament
The parliamentary palace in Romania holds two prestigious titles: it is the world's heaviest building and the second-largest administrative complex. It features an amazing 1,100 rooms and the exterior of the grounds can take up to 30 minutes to explore. When inside, you can discover the enormous corridors and impressive chambers.
Named “Little Paris”, Bucharest dazzles with its delightful museums, impressive shopping and cultural scene and its vibrant people. Be sure to explore its café culture, which is the city is renowned for.
Bran Castle
Traveling 28 kilometres southwest of Brașov will get you to Bran. The Rucăr-Bran Pass, the most crucial ancient route between Transylvania and Wallachia, is guarded by the little town of Bran. One of the most well-known castles in Transylvania and Romania is Bran Castle, often known as Dracula's Castle, which is located in this settlement at the top of a precipitous rocky cliff.

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