Introducing Estonia

Impressing with its UNESCO Protected town and gorgeous landscapes, Estonia is a fantastic destination to explore whether you are looking for an adventurous, outdoors holiday or relaxing break. Bordered by Russia and Latvia, the best starting point to discover this amazing country is by visiting Tallinn, the capital city, which has one of the best preserved mediaeval old cities in all of Europe. Estonia has a lot to offer both outdoor enthusiasts and culture vultures with its smoke saunas, unspoiled national parks, historic ruins, museums, and galleries. Vacations to Estonia reveal the country’s natural splendour, including its verdant forests, rocky shores, and shimmering lakes. Old castles, forts, and churches are some examples of historical relics in Estonia that will unveil themselves to you with each spectacular place you discover.

Recommended Experiences in Estonia

Top Locations in Estonia

Tallinn’s Old Town
No trip to Estonia would be complete without exploring its capital city’s amazing marvels. In 1997, UNESCO designated the Old Town, with its ancient churches and cobbled streets, as a World Heritage Site. One of the first continuously operating pharmacies in Europe, Raeapteek, is where your adventure could begin. It features amazing museum-style exhibitions on historical medical instruments and practises. Take a stroll and explore the recognisable circular stone in the Town Hall Square's core. The towers of Tallinn's five old churches can be seen from there.
Kuressaare Episcopal Castle
Marvel at the gothic structure of the Kuressaare Episcopal Castle, built in the 1380s. With exhibitions of unique relics, the local history museum provides insight into life during the time the castle was used (with more than 2,000 antique coins dating to the 1620s). During the bustling summer season, visitors can also observe and take part in fun, cultural activities including archery, pottery making, musical acts, and launching Estonia's oldest operational cannon.
Matsalu National Park
One of Europe's top bird-watching locations is considered to be Estonia's Matsalu National Park. A protected natural area for nesting and migrating birds, including the spectacular white-tailed eagle, it covers 48,610 hectares. More than 22 protected flora can be found in the park, along with 10 mammals that are conserved. The park also offers great hiking paths so that you can appreciate the stunning natural landscape.
Oru Park
Oru Park, in the town of Toila in north-eastern Estonia, is a tranquil retreat hidden away in the lovely Pühajogi River valley. If you're going to Oru Park in the summer, bring a swimsuit. There is a trail that leads to a lovely pebble beach, which is ideal for sunbathing and swimming.
Narva River Promenade
There is always something interesting and lovely to view along the peaceful Narva River Promenade. To the west you can see the bastion walls and the Hermann Castle, a stone building from the fourteenth century. North of the promenade, the Narva harbour dominates the landscape. Visitors can also go to the Joaorg recreation area in the south, which features a beach house. There you can hire bikes, sun loungers, volleyball sets, and badminton courts and have a wonderful day taking in your surroundings.

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