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Washington, DC
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June - Sep

Introducing United States

The USA is an adventure filled destination promising excellent experiences whether you are on a culinary journey, a family holiday or on an exploration of its cultural and historic sites.

There is truly something for every type of traveller, from the stunning Californian beaches to the skylines of New York or Vegas. Florida’s renowned theme parks will delight children of all ages, while the state’s canyons, sand dunes, waterfalls, and mountain peaks will astound outdoor enthusiasts. For a little culture visit the Deep South, explore Washington, DC’s famous historical sites, or catch a baseball or basketball game in one of the major cities.

Wherever you travel and whatever you do, the USA delivers on all fronts.


The United States of America is the third-biggest country in the world and third largest regarding its population too. The US is situated in North America and is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Atlantic Ocean to the east. There are 50 states in total and the District of Columbia, with Canada located at the north of the US and Mexico on the south.


Depending on the region of the country you travel to, the United States of America has a broad variety of climates.

The best months to travel to the US are typically June through to September, although in the hotter states and cities like Florida, California, and Las Vegas, spring and autumn generally offer the most pleasant travel conditions.

With an average daily high temperature of 30 C and an average low temperature of 21 C, July is the hottest month of the year.

With an average daily high temperature of 4 C and an average low temperature of -3 C, January is the coldest month of the year.


As a country the US does not have a distinct character, but instead it is a fusion of all the nations that have invaded, settled and still reside in its land. Of course, when visiting the US, there are some fantastic dishes and desserts one should indulge in to get a taste of their gastronomy and flavours:

Apple Pie: a staple dessert of an American home, its delightful pastry and sweet and crunchy apples create a delectable treat to be enjoyed after a meal.

Mac and Cheese: A firm favourite around the world, this lovely meal is often served as a main or a side in most restaurants in the US. Cheesy, creamy and indulgent, this dish is to be enjoyed as part of your culinary travels.

Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches: not a meal per say but a fantastic lunch option that even has its own celebratory day on April 2nd.

Philly Cheesesteak: Brothers Pat and Harry Olivieri created the famous cheesesteak after seeking to serve something different than just hot dogs at their stand. Its popularity grew and they opened Pat’s King of Steaks, that is still going to this day.

Hot Dog: staple snack on 4th July, the hot dog is typically American. Served with sauces such as mustard and ketchup in a soft roll, this simple meal packs a lot of flavour and can be served with cheese, onions and chilli.

History and Culture

People from around the world have immigrated to the US over the decades with the promise of safety and the American Dream. New England, the mid-Atlantic, the South, the Midwest, the Southwest, and the West are the six geographic areas of the country.

Spanish explorers first arrived in 1565 in Florida. In 1587, the British invaded to start a colony in Roanoke, present-day Virginia. Another British colony was founded in what would eventually become Jamestown, Virginia, in 1606. Thereafter, the Dutch established a colony in modern-day New York in 1609 before the French established Quebec in 1608. Throughout the following two centuries, a high proportion of Europeans continued to inhabit the New World. The Declaration of Independence, which was written in 1776 by inhabitants in the New World’s New England region, declared that the American colonies were to cease from being dominated by Great Britain. The colonists battled for and achieved their freedom before uniting their states under a new constitution. This became the Declaration of Independence.

The United States over the years has endured many troubles from its slavery of Africans to its treatment of Native Americans, the Civil War and in recent years the terrorism of the Twin Towers and its war in the Middle East.


There are ample activities to enjoy when visiting the US with your family. Each state offers plentiful options for enjoyment. Some of the most notable places to visit with the family include:

Walt Disney World: The area includes the fantastic Hollywood Studios, Epcot, and Animal Kingdom among its four theme parks. There are also two water parks, a shopping village, great hotels, and campsites, making it a great destination for meeting new families and other children.

Rocky Mountains: The Rockies cover 3,000 miles, extending from New Mexico all the way to Canada. You can take in the magnificent mountain range by driving the 48-mile Ridge Road or walking via the many interesting trails. In Colorado, you will also find the Rocky Mountains National Park.

Statue of Liberty: The Statue of Liberty, which was originally given as a present from France, is an undisputed American symbol. For active families with older children, there are 354 stairs leading up to the statue’s crown, where there is a museum, you can visit. The magnificence of this landmark can also be appreciated by taking cruises and helicopter trips.

Central Park: This man-made park, which covers an astonishing 341 hectares, offers a respite from Manhattan’s rush. There are many things to do and experience, such as a zoo, lake boating, and a Natural History Museum. It’s fantastic for jogs, playing on different sports fields, and ice skating in the winter.

Fantastic cities, incredible cultural experiences, delightful gastronomy and opportunities for fun and adventure, best describes what a vacation to the United States is all about!

Highlights of United States

The Grand Canyon
18 miles wide, over one mile deep and 277 miles long, the Grand Canyon is a jaw dropping site to visit once in your life, which you will never forget. Its grandeur and character are a testament to the beauty of Mother Nature.
The Statue of Liberty
This 150-foot-tall copper statue at the entrance to the New York Harbor has been the symbol of America since 1886. Visit the museum at the top or explore its majesty with a cruise.
Mount Rushmore
This enormous sculpture, which was completed 75 years ago, portrays four presidents who helped define American history: Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt. In the Black Hills of South Dakota, sculpture artist Gutzon Borglum and 400 laborers carved this mountain over the course of 14 years.
The earliest motion pictures were shot in sunny southern California in 1907; with the first HOLLYWOODLAND sign erected in 1923. Discover Hollywood's top attractions, including the Walk of Fame and celebrity residences in Beverly Hills with a fabulous bus sightseeing tour.

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