Introducing Amsterdam

In Amsterdam, anything goes. The liberal attitude of the locals, the relaxed atmosphere in the squares and the open approach to all of life’s indulgences makes this city destination the perfect place for self-confessed hedonists. But with the easy-going laws and open minds of the Netherlands, Amsterdam does not inspire a world of raucous chaos. Quite the opposite. The city of Amsterdam is tidy, clean, peaceful and calm. And when the locals go out, they know how to drink and they know how to party; but the nightlife scene never gets out of hand. As one of the safest places to drink, eat and stay out late until the early hours, the Netherlands’ capital is truly a model city for the rest of Europe. And home to some of the most respected artists throughout modern history, Amsterdam is a truly significant place. Explore the city streets by bike – just like the locals do – and make sure you check out some of Amsterdam’s best museums.

Highlights of Amsterdam

A must-visit Dutch national museum, dedicated to arts and history in Amsterdam.
Van Gogh Museum
Features the original works of Vincent van Gogh, located close to the House of Bols and the famous I Amsterdam Sign.
Anne Frank House
Visit the residence of Anne Frank and learn more about life during World War II for Jewish victims.
Hire a bicycle and explore the beautiful Vondelpark, one of the major parks in the city.
Dam Square
This is a famous town square, loved for its beautiful buildings and is home to the weekly market.

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