Introducing Dead Sea

The lowest point on Earth, the Dead Sea, often referred to as the Sea of Salt or Yam Ha-Melakh in Hebrew is a spectacular natural spectacle, offering breath-taking scenery of the Negev desert and mineral healing powers sought the world over. Its name comes from the fact that no fish can survive in its salinity. The mud’s well-known medicinal and health benefits are another effect of the saline water. The sea is a favourite destination for Israelis seeking a few days of vacation or utilising the water’s therapeutic qualities as it is only a one-hour drive from Jerusalem. Its beaches are amazing, with visitors immersing themselves in the mineral-rich mud and bathing in the saline ocean.

Highlights of Dead Sea

Float in the Dead Sea at the Ein Gedi Beach
Experience the wonders of the Dead Sea at Ein Gedi Beach amidst the impressive mountainous landscape of Jordan and the glistening healing waters. The beach offers various leisurely activities, you can massage its black mud onto your skin allowing them to work their magic or float on its mineral rich waters. The area also includes showers, restaurants and beach chairs to make your stay superior and indulgent.
The fortress built in 30BCE by King Herod, is a UNESCO World Heritage site situated on the fringe of the Judaean Desert and is well known for the Roman blockade and the Jewish rebels' resilience. Beautifully preserved you can reach it by cable car and experience its dramatic nature.
Ein Gedi Nature Reserve
Featuring two wonderful gorges, Wadi David and Wadi Arugot, you will feel at one with nature as you explore the cascading waterfalls and crystal-clear pools of each canyon. Be sure to pack your swimsuit as the waters here are irresistible.
Visit Qumran
Qumran National Park is home to the ancient Dead Sea Scrolls, located in the West Bank, unlike Ein Gedi and Masada. The area became famous when local Bedouin shepherds found some scrolls in the caves above the Dead Sea in the 1940s. The scrolls are incredibly important as they contained Hebrew Bible writings, close to two thousand years old.

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