Introducing Zurich

Zurich is very much the gateway into the life of the Swiss; with countless museums and historical sites to take a peek into their past, with stylish art galleries and art venues to explore the depths of their souls, and with the never-ending shopping mile to see what they buy, wear and covet, a journey to Zurich is very much an immersive experience where one can get a taste of the unique pace of life in Switzerland. And we haven’t even mentioned the food….from the finest Swiss chocolates and decadent Luxemburgerli macaroons to fine dining in the city’s hundreds of top restaurants, Zurich is just as much a culinary exploration for those who have a thing for European gastronomy. A family-friendly city which offers a fabulous mix of culture, history and nightlife.

Highlights of Zurich

Limmat River
Take a stroll along the beautiful river side promenade of Limmatquai for fantastic views and a choice of restaurants and cafes.
This incredible shopping street is known around the world for its high-end luxury brands but with interesting architecture, it also makes a great place to walk and a fantastic place to window shop if you’re not looking to spend.
Lake Zurich
For unbeatable scenery, head to Lake Zurich. A great place for a picnic or to take part in water sports.
The Grossmünster Cathedral is a famous landmark in the city. It forms one of the four major churches in the city and is built to a Romanesque-style.

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