Introducing Corfu

From the romantic coves of Sidari and the ancient sites of Kassiopi to the lively party beaches of Kavos, there’s a corner of Corfu that will appeal to everyone. Defined by rugged mountains and its beautiful coastline, the island of Corfu is one of the most impressive destinations in the Ionian Sea. And with a rich history taking it all the way back to when the island was under French, British and Italian rule, there’s a very unique culture here and the multi-cultural influences are evident in its architecture, its food, and its approach to everyday life. The vibe here is relaxed yet you’ll find plenty of lively night spots to enjoy a delicious meal and a drink or two. Plus with fine sandy beaches and shallow waters and a countless choice of luxury resorts, Corfu is great for families.

Highlights of Corfu

Corfu Town
The main city on the island shares the same name and with strong influence from the Venetians, it’s one of the most interesting sightseeing destinations in Greece.
Sidari is a wonderful destination for families and couples alike. There are many seafront resorts to choose from and secluded beaches for those who want peace and quiet.
For gorgeous beaches, fun daytime activities and the island’s best nightlife, head to Kavos for that ultimate party atmosphere.
Kassiopi offers a great mix of pretty beaches and top sightseeing. There are countless castles and monasteries to be explored.
Nisaki is the place to come if you love water sports.

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