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Introducing France

Without a doubt, France is a destination for the cultured, for the curious, and for the creative souls who appreciate history, art and expression. For shoppers and romancers, Paris is the place to be. For winos and foodies, Bordeaux offers nothing short of award-winning. For dreamers and nature lovers, nothing beats a sunset over the secluded beaches of Corsica. And for the forever glamorous, we can all agree that there is no other coastline quite as dazzling as the Cote D’Azur. But whether you find yourself watching the yachts along the famous French Riviera or dining al fresco with rustic bread and tapenade by the lavender fields of Provence, there really is a place for everyone here in France. The French welcome families with children, with some of the most stunning countryside regions to run free in and couples find themselves falling head over heels in love with their surroundings. And for those who prefer city life, it doesn’t really get any more cosmopolitan than France.

From the red, white and blue of the Tricolore to the symbolic shape of Le Tour Eiffel, the endless list of wines of Burgundy to the goats cheese of the French Alps, travellers come here to experience the ‘quintessentially French’ and it’s just that they’ll get in this romantic country. Because tradition is embraced and roots are never forgotten. If anyone’s proud of their heritage, it’s the French. Though laidback and known for their Laissez faire attitude, the French are extremely patriotic and they are never shy of showing visitors who come to their country how best to enjoy their time here. So if you’re ever unsure of what to see, where to go or where to eat, just ask a local and they’ll be quick to share their inner most secrets. Whether you choose to stay in Paris, Nice, Bordeaux, Montpellier or Marseille – or the lesser known Lille in the far North, you can guarantee great scenery and skylines, a great tourist-friendly atmosphere, and great food.


Travelling with children is fantastic in France; as a country, it’s very safe, clean, well connected and never short of facilities and amenities. French people are also very open-minded so it’s the type of place where it’s hard to ever feel out of place. Whilst its reputation for food and wine can sometimes be intimating for younger travellers, there are also plenty of family friendly restaurants where kids will be made to feel very welcome. Kids love Paris with its many attractions such as Disneyland and the Eiffel Tower and coastal resort towns are also favourites amongst little ones as the beaches are safe for swimming and playing.


When it comes to food, this is where France really excels. Whilst they’re pretty laidback about most things, the French take their cooking very seriously and you’ll find everything from rustic dishes in the countryside where menus are non-existent to fine dining in the hearts of the cities – and always paired with the most fitting wines so you can enjoy a comprehensive dining experience. French cuisine is so good in fact, that French gastronomy has been cited as an “intangible cultural heritage” by UNESCO. If you’re travelling with kids and need some quick fixes, tasty street food can sometimes be found in the cities and there are many casual cafes serving easy, convenient and kid friendly menus.

History and Culture

The culture of the French people is very much shaped by geography and historical events. And traditions and customs are still very much embraced, especially in the more rural areas. In the cities, French culture can often be defined by the country’s influential role in fashion and art, cinema and of course its cuisine.

Resorts in France

Top Locations in France

No trip to France is complete without a few nights in the City of Lights (also known as the City of Love). It’s romantic, eclectic, elegant and charming. Not only is it the perfect lover’s playground, but the city offers so much to families and young kids in need of entertainment and fun. Go shopping in the 2nd arrondissement, have a champagne picnic below the Eiffel Tower, eat out in the cool and hip area of Saint Germain, shop for amazing art in the area of Montmartre, or visit the city’s endless sights including the Champs Élysées, Notre Dame cathedral and the Arc de Triomphe. Read more
This stunning capital of the French Riviera is stylish, glamorous and blessed with the most gorgeous coastline. Food and drink is divine here and you won’t be far from the famous Pays de Valensole lavender fields which define the Provence region. A meeting place of old and new, Nice still managed to hang onto its old world charm and you can fill your time wandering the local markets, checking out local art in the museums and galleries, or taking long coastal walks along the pebbly shores.
If food and wine is your reason for travel, Dijon – like many other towns and cities in the Burgundy region – will be everything you’ve ever dreamed of and more. Food simply doesn’t get any better than this award winning food and wine region. Be sure to try the local Pinot Noirs, Chablis and Beaujolais wines and don’t miss out on the region’s spectacular chateaux.
Another city recognised for outstanding food and wine, Bordeaux is truly unmissable. Come here for Gothic architecture, the country’s best museums and art galleries, Michelin star dining, and wine tasting tours for wine enthusiasts. For kids, there’s also a science museum, a skate park and fun attractions such as the spectacular Miroir d'Eau!
St. Tropez
If you’re after the glitz and glam of the coast with guaranteed great weather, St. Tropez is made for you. This dazzling coastal town in the French Riviera has everything from dreamy beaches and lively nightlife to upscale dining and luxury resorts – and it epitomises everything we dream of the Cote D’Azur.

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