Tick off those bucket list trips with an adventure holiday. Life is all about going on unforgettable adventures where you can experience the sights and wonders of a country, embrace new traditions and customs, converse with locals and explore the richness and diversity around you. Going on an adventure holiday allows you to be spontaneous, embarking on walks, hikes or cycling trails to discover incredible surroundings and untapped regions. Why not widen your horizon, undertaking a range of outdoor sports activities, tours and excursions, to satisfy your curiosity and reveal the mystery of spectacular destinations including Jordan’ Petra, Israel Mount of Olives and Egypt’s Temple of Karnak. See the world with a new perspective, get close to nature at the Krka National Park in Southern Croatia and experience breath-taking views of Mount Etna in Sicily or the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Reinvigorate your senses, build new memories either as a solo traveller exploring and trying new things, or with a group of likeminded friends.

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