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Introducing Greece

Glorious island living, sun drenched ruins and incredible Mediterranean cuisine; there are many reasons why Greece is a favourite amongst travellers and tourists. From the endless stretch of island paradises to the incredible capital of Athens, what’s not to love? And it’s hard not to fall head over heels for the islands of Greece when there are so many, and one for just about everyone. With 227 main islands and more than 5,000 other islands and islets dotted around the Aegean and Ionian waters, the Greek sovereign offers more beach, more coast, and more sun, sea and souvlaki than any other place in the world. And despite the country’s economic affairs, Greece still remains as a number one summer sun destination for families, couples, honeymooners or young groups in search of their perfect coastline. And when island hopping is so easy, finding your dream spot on the beach is just a matter of time. Whether you’re jetting off to Greece for the stylish beach parties or you’re flying away to a quiet fishing village for much deserved peace and quiet, Greece has a destination for you.

From the white washed buildings with blue domed tops perched on the hillsides of Santorini and the marble quarries and traditional villages of Paros, or the millionaire yachts and party beaches of Mykonos to the sumptuous feasts consisting of the freshest, most authentic local ingredients in Crete, every island has its own charm. But beyond island travel, let’s not forget what the mainland has to offer because Athens alone is said to be the cradle of Western civilisation and with countless ancient sites – including the world famous Acropolis – and its up and coming cosmopolitan centre with a burgeoning art scene. But it doesn’t matter whether it’s city or beach that ticks your boxes because wherever you find yourself in Greece, you’ll always be met with warm hospitality, the finest national dishes, plenty of Ouzo and some of the most spectacular views of coast, countryside and evening sunsets.


Greece is the perfect family destination because it offers a wide choice of resorts and island destinations, each with their own stunning landscapes, unique communities and exciting history. The Greek islands are safe and child-friendly and with so many destinations and resorts to choose from, you’ll be sure to find the perfect one to suit you and your family. Greek families always make a fuss over kids so you can expect warmth and true Mediterranean hospitality wherever you go. And with so much beach and countryside plus national parks and UNESCO sites, there’s always so much to explore.


Greek cuisine is typically Mediterranean, with key ingredients being olives and olive oil, bread, pasta, cheese and a variety of meat and vegetables. In some respects, Greek food has some similarities to Italian food, Turkish food as well as food in the Balkans but the country offers some very distinctive dishes that represents the nation’s unique cooking style; these dishes include Souvlaki skewers, Moussaka, Gyros with Tzatziki, the famous Greek Salad made with local Feta, Dolmades stuffed vine leaves and the super tasty Kolokythokeftedes courgette balls! Whilst lamb, rabbit, pork and poultry and used widely, Greek cuisine is also praised for its delicious fresh fish cooked with well-balanced ingredients. The local food will please both meat and fish lovers, with plenty of vegetarian options too.

History and Culture

Together with cities like Rome and Florence, Greece’s capital Athens is often referred to as the “cradle of Western civilisation” and with its many ruins dotted around the mainland and across the beautiful islands, it’s one of the most attractive holiday destinations for anyone interested in history and culture. Records and ruins date back to Bronze Age, the Archaic period, the Classical period, Post-Classical period and the Ottoman Empire. As the birthplace of Western culture and democracy, Greece today is an intersection of ideas, customs and languages, and is one of the most welcoming and accepting places on the planet.

Top Locations in Greece

Any visit to the Greek capital isn’t complete without seeing the Acropolis. This hilltop temple dates back to the 5th Century BC and crowns the Athens skyline as its pride and joy. But other than this symbolic postcard attraction, the city offers many more historical sites including the Ancient Agora, the Temple of Hephaestus, Temple of Olympian Zeus, the Panathenaic Stadium, the Erechtheion Temple, and the Arch of Hadrian. The city is also fast becoming a cosmopolitan centre with a growing coffee culture and some great shopping streets too. Read more
This beautiful island is located off the Northwest Coast of Greece and is famous for its wide choice of resorts, many of which are family friendly. With a stunning contrast of rugged mountain landscapes and pretty beaches, this island has a little bit of everything to please everyone. And with its rich history as an island spent under French, British and Italian colonial rule, it’s a diverse place filled with amazing history. The choice of beaches will also please all holidaymakers, with everything from fine sandy beaches for sunbathing to top water sports for adrenaline junkies. Read more
Crete is the largest of the Greek Islands and its sheer size means that no two places are going to be the same. The terrain and landscape is hugely varied wherever you go and it’s also home to some of the most striking beaches. Be sure to check out Balos Beach in Chania, Vai Beach in Lassithi, or the exotic Elafonissi Beach in the South Western region. Read more
If the incredible sunsets of Santorini and the quaint hillside houses don’t draw you in, the tasty cuisine and the friendly locals sure will. Famous for its white washed buildings set along the cliff sides, this an island made for sunsets. And if you want to hit the beach, there are plenty to choose from here and they’re totally unique too because of their distinctive red and black volcanic pebbles. Read more
If you’re in search of beach heaven, Kos is a must-visit destination of the Dodecanese islands. It’s best known for its countless white sand beaches including Mastichari Beach, Kefalos Beach, Agios Stefanos Beach, Paradise Beach and Psalidi Beach. Historical attractions include the Asclepeion Temple, the famous Tree of Hippocrates and Neratzia Castle. Read more

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