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Introducing Bulgaria

In almost every sense, Bulgaria is one of the most colourful nations in the Balkans.

There are pleasant surprises around almost every corner, from its mist-covered mountains and dazzling coastline to its vivacious folk music and fascinating ancient history. Travelers will discover Bulgaria to be a country of intriguing heritage, spectacular sights, and highly courteous hospitality. Bulgaria boasts a variety of attractions jammed into a relatively small country, including several magnificent mountainous regions, wonderful beaches, multiple historic towns, and a network of thriving villages with traditions.

Recommended Experiences in Bulgaria

Top Locations in Bulgaria

Bolata Beach, Kavarna
One of Bulgaria's most stunning beaches is the coved Bolata beach. This little beach, which is shielded from the breeze, is ideal for a relaxing day. Bring your picnic lunch and your umbrella with you. It is also family-friendly thanks to the shallow and crystal-clear waters.
Rila Monastery, Rila
If you enjoy history, or interested in religion in general, as well as if you enjoy architecture and art, this site should be at the top of your list of places to visit in Bulgaria. After decades of oppression and persecution, the Bulgarian Renaissance signalled this nation's awakening and realisation of its identity and culture. Put on your walking shoes and set out on a two-hour trip to find the Rila Cave, the monastery's original location. This outstanding location is surrounded by nature, making it the ideal place to combine a cultural walk with a natural one.
Etar Ethnographical Village, Etar – Gabrovo
Visit the ethnographic village of Etar to become completely engrossed in the amazing history, customs, beliefs, crafts, and gastronomic specialties of Bulgaria. Situated in northern Bulgaria, it is just two hours' drive from Sofia or Plovdiv, and is regarded as one of the country's top tourist attractions.
Aleksander Nevsky Cathedral, Sofia
This Orthodox cathedral in neo-Byzantine style is one of Bulgaria's most magnificent and stunning cathedrals.
Rila National Park
Visit the Rila National Park to give yourself the gift of pristine nature and fresh air. Bliznika Lake, one of its 7 lakes, is a must see. One of the seven lakes in the Rila Mountains, Bliznika, which translates to "Twin Lake" in Bulgarian, is situated more than 2,200 metres above sea level. On weekends, Sofians frequently travel outside of the city to this park to unwind.

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