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7 hours and 40 minutes from the UK
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Introducing Bermuda

It’s easy to conjure up visions of luxury hotels, exclusive golf courses and coconut beaches serving up Rum Swizzles to the rich and the glamorous when it comes the dreamy island of Bermuda. But Bermuda is much more than just beaches and golf resorts; it’s also a cultural hotspot bursting with colourful towns, interesting people and amazing attractions to entertain the whole family. If cocktails on the beach with a side of spa and golf isn’t your kind of thing, Bermuda is also a destination for scuba divers and marine explorers, whale watchers and glow worm spotters, history buffs and avid sightseers, underground cavers and outdoor thrill-seekers, as well as wild swimmers and fine diners. Whatever it is that makes a holiday for you, everyone is sure to find it here in Bermuda.

The sub-tropical climate of this seductive destination makes it a fine choice of Caribbean island for those who want sun, sea and sand and with its utterly unique cultural mix influenced by both American and British culture, there’s no place on earth quite like it. Even the beaches here are much more than just beaches; Elbow Beach and Horseshoe Bay are covered in colourful pink sand whilst Astwood Cove is encircled with the most incredible cliff drops and rock formations. And for those who tire of palm trees and paradise, there’s always the promise of Hamilton, the seaside capital where multi-coloured buildings line the streets, friendly café owners serve you with a smile, and royal yacht clubs dot the coastline. So come to Bermuda, the Caribbean destination that has it all; romantics come here to fall in love all over again and families come here to immerse themselves in a world of culture and indulgence.


Bermuda is a British overseas territory and with no language barriers, it’s one of the easiest destinations to travel to. Getting around is easy and you should have no trouble shopping or eating out with kids. And other than its huge choice of amazing beaches, island excursions and water sport activities, you will also find a number of children’s playgrounds and children’s parks all over Bermuda. Some beaches will have adjoining playgrounds which makes it easier to find a beach spot to please the whole family, and because Bermuda is considered to be safe and generally crime-free, it makes an ideal choice of destination in the Caribbean. There are also many kid friendly attractions across the island including the Bermuda Aquarium, Natural History Museum and Zoo, Dolphin Quest, Harbor Night Festivals (which have face painting and other activities), Spittal Pond Nature Reserve and Cooper’s Island Nature Reserve. Hartley Helmet Diving (an underwater walking tour) is also a fantastic activity for those who aren’t old enough to scuba dive and is even suitable for non-swimmers or children with special needs.


Like all Caribbean cuisine, Bermudan cuisine reflects a rich and diverse history with international influences – and seafood is king at any dinner table. Food in Bermuda is a blend of mostly British cuisine and Portuguese cuisine and some key dishes to look out for are Bermudian bean soup, cassava pie (made from cassava root), codfish with bananas, dried mullet roe (popular for breakfast), fish chowders, fish cakes, shark fritters and sweet potato pudding. Whilst the traditional Bermudan dishes are available across the island, all hotels and resorts will also offer continental menus or a choice of international restaurants, fine-dining restaurants and buffet style dining options suitable for kids.

When it comes to island tipple, be sure to try a Dark & Stormy (rum with ginger beer) or a Rum Swizzle cocktail, known as Bermuda’s national drink.

History and Culture

As a British Independent Overseas Territory, the island nation of Bermuda enjoys significant autonomy. It has its own elected government and its own currency, the Bermudian dollar. Bermudans are chiefly of African and European descent and their culture has taken on influences from Great Britain and North America in many ways. Bermudans drive on the left and feature Queen Elizabeth on their banknotes yet their currency is the dollar; so it’s a fusion of cultures all rolled into one. Dress is entirely distinct in Bermuda and their fashion sense can be defined by the classic Bermuda shorts, worn even for formal occasion with a shirt and tie. The Bermuda islanders also value etiquette and are very polite, greeting everyone with “Good morning” or “Good afternoon” before any other exchanges of words. It can be considered rude not to greet people before asking them a question, so make sure you say “Hello” before asking for directions!

Top Locations in Bermuda

Horseshoe Bay
This incredible beach is perhaps Bermuda’s most popular beach and it is best known for its strange yet beautiful pink sand. The sand turns pink from the nearby coral and is a fantastic beach to photograph, especially during sunset when the lighting brings out the beach’s bright pink hues. This is also a great place for snorkelling and scuba diving.
For some culture, the capital city of Hamilton is not to be missed. With its iconic multi-coloured buildings, fantastic shopping and a top choice of restaurants down Front Street, and fantastic sights and attractions including Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity, Fort Hamilton, Queen Elizabeth Park, Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute, Sea Glass Beach and Bermuda National Gallery, there won’t be a dull moment in the city.
Cooper’s Island
Enjoy a day excursion to Cooper’s Island, a small island and nature reserve which is home to the famous Long Beach. Cooper’s Island Nature Reserve is a fantastic place to go wildlife spotting and for those who are interested in bird watching, there’s a fantastic wildlife observation tower. Snorkelers will find loads of tiny rocky islands with raised coral reefs, which are home to countless schools of fish.
Elbow Beach
Elbow Beach is another Bermuda beachfront known for its pretty pink sand and it’s also considered to be one of the best kid-friendly stretches of coastline too. Most of the beach is public but there’s also a small section of private beach reserved for the beachfront hotels.
Crystal and Fantasy Caves
The Crystal and Fantasy Caves on Bermuda Blue Hole Hill in Hamilton Parish is a fantastic day out for the whole family. The short tour takes you into underground Bermuda to discover the dazzling Crystal Cave with its pathways of floating pontoons and visual clarity of up to 50 feet below water, plus the amazing Fantasy Cave with its interesting formations and waterfalls frozen in time. Located close to Blue Hole Park.

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