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Introducing Finland

Finland is the perfect destination for summer or winter vacations because of its tremendous woodlands and lakes, which are separated by little towns and villages. Visit remote locations like forested areas, crystal-clear lakes, snowy wonderlands, and modern Nordic architecture. The far north is the ideal location to see the Northern Lights because in the summer, the sun doesn’t set for ten weeks, and in the winter, it stays just below horizon for over eight hours. Finland shares many characteristics with its Scandinavian neighbours, such as its love of fine architecture, which is evident in the country’s hotels and resorts. Vacations in Finland give you the chance to discover an unspoiled landscape.

Your next destination should definitely be Finland where you can appreciate the purest air thanks to its 188,000 lakes and 70% forest cover.

Resorts in Finland

Top Locations in Finland

Finnish Lapland
Finnish Lapland is a major hub for a multitude of winter activities, from snowmobiling and snowshoeing to ice fishing and husky excursions.
Northern Lights
Spot the Northern Lights/Aurora Borealis when you visit Finland during the autumn months.
Visit Helsinki
The fashionable capital of Helsinki is located in the South of Finland. It is an architectural and retail mecca with neoclassical structures and quaint town squares, situated on a rugged cliffs bordered by the Baltic Sea. Helsinki is a magnificent entryway to Finnish Lakeland, a magnificent archipelago of 180,000 lakes. Lake Saimaa is one of the most notable. During your visit some of the key architectural attractions include the Oodi Library, the Amos Rex Museum and the Löyly Sauna.
Explore Suomenlinna Fortress
The Suomenlinna fortress, a distinctive example of military architecture, was included on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1991. The fortress played a significant historical role in the protection of three different realms—Sweden, Russia, and Finland.
Discover the Finnish Lighthouses
The tallest lighthouse in the Nordic region is Bengtskär Lighthouse, which is situated on an island close to Hanko. It has a great history and withstood the test of time, despite many battles that have taken place around and inside it.

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