Turkish, Turkish Türkçe
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Apr-May / Sep-Oct

Introducing Turkey

This incredible country attracts millions of tourists every year. Its Mediterranean beaches, its bizarre Black Sea, its enchanting city skylines filled with legendary domes and spires, its extremes of nature taking you from the snowy peaks of Palandöken to the cotton castle hot springs of Pamukkale, and its rich history and rare ruins. Turkey really is the place of dreams. And we haven’t even mentioned the food yet. Turkish cookery is the perfect fusion of East meets West, yet it is entirely distinctive and a noble cuisine still very much inspired by the Ottoman Empire. But more than anything, what makes Turkey stand out from all other holiday destinations in the world, is its very unique location, serving as a crossroads for Europe and Asia, a meeting point for Africa and the Middle East, and an intersection of the contrasting cultures of modern civilisation. With Greece to its left and Iran to its right, and with Cyprus then Egypt to the South and Romania and Ukraine across the Black Sea, it seems that Turkey is a place of many influences. But whilst many cultural powerhouses surround the country, Turkey remains very much a place of its own and has its own unique identity.

For culture vultures, Turkey offers an immersive travel experience with traditional dancing, rural villages and more; for history buffs, Turkey is the key to unlocking the mysteries of Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome plus the Persian, Byzantine and Ottoman empires; for sun worshippers, Turkey is a promise of great weather, beautiful beaches and unbeatable coastal sunsets; and for families, Turkey is an endless fete of safe destinations, kid friendly attractions and resorts that welcome you with open arms. And topped off with the unbeatable Turkish hospitality which has tourists coming back year after year, every kind of holidaymaker is set to have the time of their life. Come to Turkey for the great sights, great food, great places and the warm smiles of its great people.


Turkey is one of the most family friendly destinations in the world; with its many family holiday resorts and luxury hotels, those travelling with young children will feel safe and looked after at all times. There’s plenty to see and do and Turkey’s most popular areas offer a choice of attractions that are suitable for children of all ages. The food, whilst seemingly exotic, can cater for all palates and you’ll be sure to find tasty dishes or mild dishes for even the fussiest of eaters. The Turkish are known for their warm hospitality too and they love kids, so families travelling with children will always be made to feel welcome.


Turkish cuisine takes on many influences from the countries on all sides, borrowing flavours and style elements from Greek cuisine, Central Asian cuisine, Jewish cooking, Middle Eastern cooking and food from the Balkans. But the main basis of Turkish cuisine is very much a continuation of cooking processes and the use of ingredients from the Ottoman Empire, making food here a seriously cultural experience for all. The Ottomans were known to fuse different culinary traditions and used yoghurt and Manti dumplings in a lot of their dishes – and this is still very much apparent today. Some of the must try national dishes include Kofte meatballs, Menemen scrambled eggs, Kuzu Tandir slow roasted lamb, Börek savoury pastry and of course Pide, which is a Turkish version of pizza (the perfect choice for fussy kids). If you love desserts, don’t forget to try the famous Baklava pastries or the colourful Güllaç. Meze is also a very popular way to eat – this is a great way of finding a selection of foods to suit large groups.

History and Culture

Turkey is a diverse place and whilst 87.5% of the population is Turkish, it’s also home to small ethnic minorities such as the Kurdish, the Zazaki people, the Greek, Circassians, Ladinos and the Armenians. The country is a place of tradition and you’ll find that most destinations have not lost their old world charm. Ancient ruins and traditional architecture dominate the landscapes and visitors will have many chances to learn more about local culture from the traditional dancing and Turkish ‘turning’ ceremonies to the rural villages and the country’s love of meze.

Recommended Experiences in Turkey

Top Locations in Turkey

Istanbul is the meeting point of two different worlds. Straddling the continents of Europe and Asia across the Bosphorus Strait, Istanbul’s Old City is a place of multicultural symbolism. The city shares a rich past and you’ll be charmed by the gems left by the Ottoman and Byzantine empires which once ruled here. With such close proximity to the famous Black Sea, Istanbul also makes the perfect base for day trips to the Black Sea coast. Read more
Turkey’s answer to Rome, the ancient city of Ephesus is one of the most significant historical sites in the world and it features excavated remains dating all the way back to classical Greece and the Roman Empire. Ephesus can be reached conveniently from Izmir and Kusadasi by bus, or you can catch a flight from Istanbul.
Mamaris is a beautiful Mediterranean resort town that is most noted for its gorgeous beaches and lush green forests as well as being a popular hub for activities such as sailing or diving. Mamaris is a great destination for honeymooners and couples as well as families in search of luxury and relaxation. Read more
This famous destination is home to a beautiful national park and white sandy beaches – it’s without a doubt, one of the most striking beach spots in Turkey but can get very busy during the peak months. The vibe is easy going plus it’s also extremely safe and family friendly, and the nearby Lycian Way walking trail is a must for walkers and hikers.
The Bodrum Peninsula offers a typical Mediterranean destination and has everything from gorgeous beach towns and luxury resorts to bustling nightlife and family friendly tourist attractions. Don’t miss Bodrum Castle, Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, the paradisiacal Kara Ada Island and a great choice of pretty beaches and coves along the peninsula. Read more

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