Introducing Eilat

Sparkling Red Sea shorelines, adventurous experiences and cosmopolitan vibes are what you can expect when you visit Eilat. This stunning port city charms with a massive retail mall, delectable restaurants, and a variety of attractions for both young and older visitors, whilst resorts surround the promenade and bay. The Eilat Underwater Observatory and the dolphin reef, where visitors can go swimming with dolphins, are both must-see attractions when visiting Eilat. This wondrous city is also an ideal spot for snorkelling enthusiasts, who would definitely marvel at the colourful treasures located at the Coral Beach Nature Reserve, 7km from the city.

Highlights of Eilat

Located just 2 hours away from Eilat, the Lost City of Petra, is an undeniably magnificent spectacle you must experience once in your life. Constructed in 4th Century BCE, it is a historic and dramatic pink stone masterpiece and UNESCO World Heritage Site that will leave you in awe and amazement.
Dolphin Reef
Embrace an exciting experience of swimming with dolphins at the Dolphin Reef in Eilat. Alternatively, you can watch them play, care for their young and eat their food, whilst also exploring the other diverse sea creatures, through snorkelling or scuba diving activities. The botanical garden with its heated soft water relaxation pools is also a must for a tranquil break.
Timna Park
In Israel's Negev Desert, Timna Park is situated around 25 kilometres (about 17 miles) north of Eilat. One of Israel's biggest tourist destinations, the park is situated in a stunningly spectacular desert environment. It’s impressive geology and history are best explored through its hiking trails or by using pedal boats. The park is also a great attraction for young kids who can enjoy some sand bottling, thanks to the region’s unique sand color.
Red Canyon
One of the most stunning yet easily accessible hiking paths in Israel is the Red Canyon in the Eilat Mountains. This breath-taking geological marvel offers an unhindered stroll through the natural gorges, twenty minutes north of Eilat. The spectacle that happens when sunlight strikes the reddish granite that fills the canyon, gave rise to its name: "Red Canyon." It then emits a bright reddish glow. The rock has a variety of colours, including white and yellow streaks.

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