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Mar-May / Sep-Nov

Introducing Jordan

This small, humble country wedged between Israel, Iraq and Saudi Arabia is covered by 85% desert and has been our best kept secret for many years. It’s been the passing point for numerous armies throughout history and it’s been a through-route for Western travellers across the decades. But Jordan itself – only ever being a junction connecting Europe, Africa and Asia or a crossing for visitors to the nearby Holy Land – continues to linger as one of our planet’s most undiscovered destinations. But whilst the country remains a mystery to most, the reason for its recent popularity is no mystery at all. The answer is of course, Petra. Discovered only in 1812, this ancient city dating back to 312 BC was completely unknown to the Western World. It wasn’t until 1985 that UNESCO took notice of its incredible archaeological site and it wasn’t until 2007 that Petra became an official Wonder of the World. In the same year, Smithsonian Magazine cited it as one of the “28 Places to See Before You Die” and ever since, it’s become a coveted destination for those who love a bit of adventure.

So if there’s a good time to visit Jordan, it’s now. Tourism still hasn’t reached its peak and with accessibility and travel options being easier than ever, this off the beaten path country is a great place for families, groups or couples alike. And other than the stunning stone-cut city of Petra, the country has so much to offer including incredible coastal drives, beautiful and untouched beaches, stunning desert landscapes of Wadi Rum, and floating in the famous Dead Sea.


Jordan is great for family travel and is extremely safe but please do bear in mind that the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) advises against all but essential travel to within 3km of the Syrian border. Children are central to Jordanian society and many families will have at least four or five children at a time – so your kids will be very welcome and looked after. There’s also plenty to do for kids such as camel rides or donkey rides and there are many archaeological sites which may interest them such as castles and temples.


You’ll find everything from mezzes and salads to soups and breads, with core ingredients being olives and olive oil, garlic, onions, tomato sauce, and a variety of herbs and spices. There are certain herbs which are grown only in Jordan called Sumac and Za’atar so they will provide very distinctive flavours. The national dish, Mansaf is the most distinctive of all and is a traditional Levantine Arab dish made of lamb cooked in a sauce of fermented dried yogurt and served with rice or bulgur wheat.

History and Culture

Evidence dates back to settlers in the Bronze Age and classical kingdoms has left some of the most dramatic ruins today, attracting visitors from all over the world. Jordan is an Arabic country with both Islamic and Western influences. Its unique geographical location makes it a diverse place, with more than 60% of the population living in Amman. Pop culture is heavily influenced by the West and it’s a politically stable country with freedom of religion.

Top Locations in Jordan

This ancient site dates all the way back to 312 BC and is famous for the buildings and temples carved out of the cliff sides. This dramatic site looks like it’s been built for giants and stretching over 23 square miles, this is worth a whole day trip and you should be prepared for a lot of walking. Be sure to see the legendary Al Khazneh (The Treasury), the Royal Tombs, the Amphitheatre and the Street of Facades. If you’ve got time, we would also recommend sticking around to witness Petra by night – its’ a magical experience. Read more
Camping in Wadi Rum
Wadi Rum is Jordan’s famous desert valley known as “Valley of the Moon” and you can explore the beautiful arid landscapes by jeep, by camel, by horse or on foot. But to get the full experience, we definitely recommend spending the night and camping under the stars! Gather around a campfire and get a taste of life for the Bedouin – this is a wonderful activity for kids!
Float in the Dead Sea
One of the best things to do whilst in Jordan is to visit the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea, which is actually a salt lake, has become a popular resort area for tourists who want to get a unique swimming experience here in the Middle East. The high saline levels of the lake means that you can float on water and not only is this extremely fun and relaxing for people of all ages, but it’s also said to have incredible healing benefits. The salt-rich water is also jam-packed with magnesium, calcium, potassium and other minerals so it will be fantastic for your hair and skin.
Kings Highway
If you’re looking for a road trip to rival the scenery of the Amalfi Coast or the Cote D’Azur, the Kings Highway starting along the Gulf of Aqaba, is the perfect drive to give you a taste of Jordan in just a day. Taking you all the way up through the desert to the capital city of Amman, you’ll get to stop at the Dead Sea for a delightful break in between.
The capital city of Amman is a must if you’re holidaying in Jordan. Not only does it offer great nightlife and a wonderful choice of family-friendly and tourist-friendly restaurants, but it’s also famous for its Jordanian bakeries. Great if you have a sweet tooth! Be sure to stop and taste the cakes and pastries of the capital and don’t forget to visit the various sites and ruins dotted in and around the city such as the Amman Citadel, Amman's Roman Theatre, Jordan Archaeological Museum and King Abdullah I Mosque. Read more

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