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Introducing Cayman Islands

Famous dive spots, incredible nightlife, upscale shopping smalls, and the most luxurious beachfront resorts. The Cayman Islands is, without a doubt, one of the most coveted destinations in the Caribbean. Whether you’re travelling for romance, travelling for adventure, or travelling for your search of paradise and to spend quality time with the whole family, this island nation in the western Caribbean Sea has so much to offer. And when it comes to culture, there may be a sense of both familiarity and peculiarity, something that will make travel all the more exciting. You might be surprised at how un-British the islands are for a British territory, or you might feel like you’re wandering the streets of South Florida with all the designer malls and shopping plazas, or you may be puzzled by the strange take on the English language where Vs sound like Ws and each region has its own dialect; whatever it is that stands out most about the Caymans, you can probably agree that it’s a place where the people, sights and places are completely and utterly unique. This distinctive destination in the Caribbean brings together the best of both worlds to holiday makers; there’s a fantastic fusion of both city and beach so there’s always something to do at any time of day or night. And away from the commercialised coastline of Grand Cayman where US influences seem to have taken a hold, there’s a low-key world of quiet coves and paradise beaches, quiet luxury resorts where crowds can be counted in the dozens, exotic nature trails and birdwatching points where you’ll hear nothing but the sound of nature, and amazing coral reefs which gave birth to scuba diving culture in the whole of the Caribbean.

Come visit the islands of Grand Cayman, Little Cayman and Cayman Brac and experience this nation’s bewitching blend of beach resorts, shopping malls and deep sea world of reefs and marine life. There’s something for everybody in the Cayman Islands…


The Cayman Islands is a British overseas territory, encompassing 3 islands which all offer something different for families. Grand Cayman is the biggest island and offers fantastic beach resorts as well as family shopping and entertainment; Cayman Brac offers off the beaten path charm for families who love to snorkel and dive; and Little Cayman is the smallest island, home to the most amazing wildlife in and out of the water. The islands form a fantastic natural playground for kids of all ages, and beach resorts often come with great kids’ clubs and fun activities for children. Some fantastic places to take the kids include Stingray City, the Parrot Reserve at Cayman Brac, the Cayman Turtle Farm, National Museum and the Cayman Craft Market.


The food of the Cayman Islands comes from traditional Afro-Caribbean cuisine and popular ingredients include bread fruit, plantain, cassava root, various meats and lots of fresh seafood. Caymanian dishes that you have to try are conch stew (sea snail stew), Johnny cake (fried dumplings), jerk chicken, Cayman style lobster, Cayman style beef, fish and fritters, coconut shrimp, old fashioned fish dry, ackee and salt fish, and cassava cake. As well as the traditional Caymanian menus, there are also many international dining options in Grand Cayman and various resorts and hotels will offer continental or buffet dining options to suit families with children.

History and Culture

The Cayman Islands are often regarded as the safest islands to visit in the Caribbean and you’ll find the Caymanian people to be extremely friendly and welcoming. The population is a mesh of natives and long term residents who have integrated very well and the nation’s unique and admirable ‘togetherness’ has created a culture where everyone is welcomed with open arms and diversity is promoted. Caymanians have been influenced by both American and British customs in some small ways, but they have their own distinct and very unique culture, making the Cayman Islands a wonderful place to be.

Top Locations in Cayman Islands

Seven Mile Beach
On the west side of Grand Cayman is the famous Seven Mile Beach, one of the most popular resort destinations for families, groups and couples. The long stretch of golden sand makes a safe and scenic place to sunbathe or take a dip in the balmy sea. This area is also home to the Galleria Shopping Plaza, a whole row of fantastic restaurants and eateries, as well as being close to a number of attractions such as the Cayman Turtle Farm.
Stingray City
Head north on Grand Cayman Island for a magical experience at Stingray City, a unique open water aquarium experience where visitors can wade through the sea and get up close to beautiful stingrays. These majestic creatures have been coming here for decades as they come and feast on leftover fish guts left by fisherman. Both kids and adults can join in the fun and you can pet the friendly stingrays that come and congregate near the shore.
Cardinal Avenue
This is Georgetown’s main shopping district and is ideal for luxury seekers who want to splash some cash. Home to some of the biggest names and luxury brands such as Rolex, Bulgari and Gucci, Cardinal Avenue is the place to go for clothing, jewellery and shoes.
Cayman Brac
If you’re looking for an off the beaten path adventure, come to Cayman Brac and explore the many hiking trails of the island. The nature trails make for fantastic exploration as the island is home to many exotic flowers and plants, as well as hidden reptile habitats and a number of historic sites. The island is also a great place to try fishing for the first time – you can even find a fishing excursion where a chef will cook your catch of the day!
Little Cayman
Little Cayman is the smallest of the three islands and is the least developed. So if you’re after some peace and quiet, this is the place to come. Secluded beaches make ideal honeymoon locations and the safe waters are great for snorkelling in. You’ll also find amazing wildlife outside the water as the island is home to various bird and reptile species including iguanas.

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