2,346,179 million people
Setswana, Sekalanga, Shekgalagadi
Botswana Pula
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11 hours and 5 minutes from the UK
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Botswana is GMT/UTC + 2 hours Standard Time
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Introducing Botswana

Explore a place bursting with amazing sights and adventures. Discover the wild as it comes to life before your eyes on the Chobe River, where a cruise will take you past beautiful elephants and hippos.
Your journey across Botswana can take you to the gorgeous Okavango Delta, where you can rent a mokoro (dugout canoe) and get a close-up look at the terrain. Visit the spectacular Moremi Game Reserve, dubbed the “predator capital of Africa,” where you will get exclusive access to some of the most distinctive creatures in the world thanks to its extraordinary and diversified ecology. There are lagoons, woodlands, and waterways all around you waiting to be explored on your Botswanan adventure.


Botswana is a landlocked nation in Southern Africa with Namibia to the west, Zimbabwe to the east, and South Africa to the south and east as its neighbours. Its land spans 600 miles north to south and another 600 miles west to east.


Despite having less rainfall than nations further east, Botswana’s climate is characteristic of southern Africa. In Botswana, rains often occur between December and March, when minimum temperatures are typically in the low 20s. There will be days that are sunny and bright, days that have afternoon thunderstorms, and days that are simply grey.
In general, the months of April and May in Botswana are magnificent, with sunny skies and verdant surroundings.
In drier locations, the night-time lows throughout the months of June through August can approach freezing, but the daytime highs, when the sky is typically clear and bright, heat up quickly. When the temperatures start to rise again in September and October, the landscapes start to dry up and while October can seem very hot, with maximum temperatures occasionally reaching 40°C, this is the ideal time for big game safaris.


The cuisine of Botswana is referred to as “the Rainbow’s Gastronomy”, thanks to its influences by its neighbouring countries.
The country boasts a vast selection of traditional foods, including fish, seafood, cereals, nuts, and fruit in addition to meat from various animals. In addition to the typical cow, goat, and deer meat, Botswana also offers giraffe, ostrich, and oryx meat. The most popular seafood is tuna fish, which may be prepared in various ways, and the land’s rich natural habitat means fruit is high on the list of quality products. You can enjoy papayas, bananas, and delectable avocados. Whilst in Botswana do try their traditional dishes such as Dikgobe made of beans, corn and lamb or phaphatha, which is a traditional bread enjoyed at breakfast or as part of the dinner plate.

History and Culture

Botswana has a fascinating past. Up until 1966, when it held its first general democratic elections, it was a British Protectorate, making it the oldest continuously democratic nation in Africa. The Khoisan people, often known as “San” or “Bushmen,” are the oldest communities of people in the nation and perhaps the entire planet. Nevertheless, in some places, these terms are viewed negatively. They arrived in Southern Africa as the first humans and have been there for more than 20,000 years. This remarkable legacy is attested to by the Khoisan rock drawings in the Tsodilo Hills, many of which are considered to have been created at least in 1300 AD.


Botswana, is a leading safari location, offering exceptionally pleasant camping safaris that are designed with families in mind in both the Okavango Delta and the Linyanti. The local guides are passionate about teaching curious kids about bushcraft. All of Botswana’s areas provide family-friendly safari experiences, for example when you visit Chobe National Park to see the elephant herds or taking the kids to experience safari game reserves. A Botswana holiday with the family will be a trip they will never forget.

Adorned with incredible wildlife spectacles, Botswana impresses as one of the most spectacular safari destinations in Africa.

Top Locations in Botswana

Chobe National Park
Visit the magnificent Chobe National Park, one of Southern Africa's best national wildlife reserves with a plethora of species. Get ready to be astounded by famous animal sightings, with both aquatic and land activity.
Experience the Okavango Delta
This impressive wetland includes animals such as the African bush elephant, African buffalo, hippopotamus, giraffe, lion, cheetah, leopard, brown hyena, spotted hyena, plains zebra and chacma baboon, as well as being home to one of the greatest pack populations in Africa for the rare African wild dog. Along with huge mammals, the Okavango Delta's wildlife contains approximately 500 bird species and 85 types of fish, including tigerfish, tilapia, and catfish.
Moremi Game Reserve
For the best safari experience visit the Moremi Game Reserve. The African wild dog, cheetah, white rhinoceros, black rhinoceros and lion, are among the impressive creatures that call the Moremi their habitat. The Moremi is also home to over 1,000 plant species and over 500 bird species, including both forest inhabitants and water birds. One of the greatest ecosystems in all of Africa is this one. In addition, the vegetation and fauna are largely untouched because of rigorous conservation.

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