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Introducing Madagascar

Madagascar exemplifies the best of our exotic, mysterious, yet magnificent world.

Madagascar’s unusual riches are well worth experiencing, with wildlife to match the Galapagos Islands, towns with historic splendour, gorgeous golden sand beaches, and a fascinating culture inspired by Europe, Africa, and the East. Madagascar boasts an enchanting panorama of landscapes: lush green rainforests, baobab trees that soar over the savannah like huge turbines, and weird rock formations of limestone peaks. Explore national parks for profound experiences in nature, relax on picturesque islands, wander through ancient villages, and observe unusual fauna unique to the destination.

Recommended Experiences in Madagascar

Top Locations in Madagascar

Explore the wildlife in Lokobe Nature Special Reserve
The last surviving lowland rainforest on the island is Lokobe Nature Special Reserve near Nosy Be, which you undeniably must experience for its wildlife. Nocturnal mouse lemurs, Madagascar long-eared owls, geckos, and Nosy Be panther chameleons are some of the island's inhabitants.
Wonder through the Baobab Trees
Six endemic baobab species can be found in Madagascar. Although they can be spotted all across the island, the Avenue of the Baobabs is the most well-known location for baobab adoration. The Avenue, which is located in the Menabe region of western Madagascar, is made up of 25 trees spread out like watchtowers along the Morondava-Belon'i Tsiribihina rural road. Many of the trees reach over 30 metres (100 feet).
Visit Isalo National Park
Over 80 various types of birdlife, 14 distinct kinds of lemurs, as well as reptiles and amphibians such the Madagascar boa and Malagasy rainbow frog, can all be found within the park. The Piscine Naturelle Trail is one of the more well-liked routes in the park, which attracts visitors primarily who enjoy hiking there.
Discover the Stone Forests
The stone forests located on the north-western Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park are some of the most striking sights you will ever experience. The region is also impressive as you can spot various lemur species, indigenous birds, reptiles and flora.
Experience the capital, Antananarivo
Tana, as it is often called, offers a lot to discover. Head to the capital's ancient Haute-Ville district for stunning architecture. Embrace the culture in the art galleries and museums, or wander the Analakely Market's stalls. Tana is famed for its food culture, whether you want to try traditional street food or sophisticated French cuisine.

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