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Introducing Turks and Caicos Islands

Turks and Caicos, located southeast of Mayaguana in the Bahamas and north of the Dominican Republic, is a small island nation best known for its white sand beaches, turquoise blue waters and luxury resorts and sea villas. As an archipelago of 40 low lying coral islands, this area of the Caribbean is abundant in the most spectacular sealife and underwater creatures, and there are few places in the world that can offer scuba diving experiences quite as great as Turks and Caicos can. The nation is perhaps best known for the island of Providenciales and its huge 14 mile barrier reef in the north but you don’t have to be a scuba expert or an underwater adventurist to make the most of the reef and all its wonders; because snorkelling is just as much a popular sport here and because the waters are wonderfully clear and shallow by the shore, you’ll find snorkelling just as pleasing as diving. Providenciales, known as Provo, is also home to the fabulous Grace Bay Beach, a huge beach resort with luxury hotels, fantastic shops and a superb choice of restaurants but more significantly, it’s officially been names the World’s Best Beach. So for beach lovers, it doesn’t get any better than this.

Other islands in Turks and Caicos loved by island hoppers include Grand Turk Island for its diving and horseback riding, North Caicos for its flamingos and fishing, Middle Caicos for its hidden coves and secret caves, San Salvador for its luxurious and romantic capital, Salt Cay for its incredible whale watching adventures and Pine Cay for its exclusive resorts with their lavish honeymoon suites. And with a total population of just 49,000 people spread across the archipelago, the islands and their beautiful beaches will never feel over crowded.

For an authentic Caribbean holiday with dreamy beach settings and crystal clear waters to swim and snorkel in, your next romantic trip or family getaway has to be Turks and Caicos. The seductive shorelines and the world’s best beach awaits…


The promised sunshine and the endless white sand beaches make Turks and Caicos a great destination for family relaxation. As one of the more remote island nations of the Caribbean, a holiday to Turks and Caicos has a fantastic authentic element which the kids will love. But what’s most appealing is the safe beach resorts with crystal clear waters; safe and shallow enough for all ages to swim and paddle in. Most hotels offer condo-style accommodation so there’s plenty of room for families and many hotels will have children’s clubs and children’s activities to keep them amused. Whilst you won’t find huge theme parks and manmade attractions for kids, you will find plenty of outdoor activities including beach sports, bird watching, kayaking, whale viewing excursions, flamingo spotting, beach horse riding – and perhaps a trip to Conch World to learn about sealife and turtles or a day trip to the uninhabited Little Water Cay to explore nature.


Local food found in Turks and Caicos is mainly Creole cuisine and this style of cooking traditionally blends French, Spanish, West African, Amerindian, German, Italian and Irish cooking styles – a cuisine which is well known across the Caribbean. Conch (sea snail) is very much a national food here and you will find it to be popular in many dishes including Conch salad, Conch fritters and Conch stew. Islanders love to eat “boil fish and grits” for breakfast, followed by “boil fish and johnnycake” for lunch and a huge selection of fresh seafood for dinner. But as well as these traditional dishes, you will also find continental dining or buffest dining available in many hotel restaurants.

History and Culture

The name “Turks and Caicos” comes from its earliest settlers, with the word “Turks” referring to the indigenous Turk’s head cactus, and the word “Caicos” being a Lucayan term which translates to “a string of islands”. A British Colony since the 18th Century until recently when the island reassumed self-rule, Turks and Caicos is a fantastic Caribbean destination which still oozes some Britishness and various European influences from the times of French rule and Spanish rule.

Top Locations in Turks and Caicos Islands

Grace Bay Beach
Named the World’s Best Beach by TripAdvisor, Grace Bay is a must for anyone who considers themselves a beach bum. This beautiful beach area is lined with luxury resorts plus a fantastic choice of restaurants so you’ll find plenty to do here.
Grand Turk Island
Grand Turk Island is an awesome destination for scuba diving and snorkelling. Dive the dramatic 2,000 metre underwater wall or take to the secluded beaches to try some wild horseback riding.
Cockburn Town
The capital is not to be missed in Turks and Caicos. Located on San Salvador Island, this small city is home to some of the most glorious stretches of beach and is renowned for its awesome dive spots, safe snorkelling and pretty lighthouses. The centre also offers some superb places to eat!
Middle Caicos
Middle Caicos, also known as Grand Caicos, is the largest island in the archipelago and it’s unique to the rest of Turks and Caicos because of its spectacular cave networks. Take a cave tour of the Karst limestone cave system and discover a world of underground lakes and old Lucayan Indian artefacts left behind.
The Turks Islands
If you’re interested in whale watching, Salt Cay in the Turks Islands region is not to be missed. Tours set off daily from Salt Cay and you’ll have the rare opportunity to spot Caribbean humpback whales swimming in the water. Other things you can’t miss include watching the sunset from Taylor Hill, cycling over the Salinas, or birdwatching from South Creek.

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