Introducing St Petersburg

Founded by Peter the Great and named ever so aptly, St Petersburg is a port city which dates all the way back to the year 1703. Bursting with interesting history and beautiful architecture to reflect a rich past, this offbeat destination is truly extraordinary. From churches and palace grounds to galleries featuring the most accomplished works of famous Russian artists of the 20th Century and beyond, there’s much to be explored here. And with its many 5 star luxury hotels and resorts, fantastic dining options and endless shopping malls, St Petersburg can keep the whole family entertained.

Highlights of St Petersburg

Hermitage Museum
One of the largest and oldest museums in the world (founded in the 1700s), the Hermitage houses art and cultural artefacts from different eras.
Peter and Paul Fortress
The original citadel of St Petersburg which was built around 1706, just a few years after the city was founded by Peter the Great.
St. Isaac's Cathedral
Don’t miss this beautifully ornate cathedral, which is the largest Russian Orthodox cathedral in the city.
Church of the Saviour on Blood
One of the most iconic sights in the city and must-see! Also known as the Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ.
Winter Palace
The grand and beautiful Winter Palace was the official residence of the Russian monarchy from the years 1732 to 1917.
Nevsky Prospect
Explore the main street of the city, Nevsky Prospect. Beautiful architecture and choice of shops and restaurants.

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