Introducing Bali

From spiritual journeys and yoga retreats to unblemished beaches and monkey forests, Bali is an island with a very unique way of life. Islanders see themselves as Balinese first, Indonesians second and their laidback approach and kind and gentle nature makes them a great people to get to know. But other than the warm hospitality, there’s much that you lure you in, including the spectacular scenery. The iconic rice paddies and volcanic mountains help to paint a peaceful picture of nature and the unspoiled coastline just seals the deal. A great destination for families and couples alike and you can do as much or as little as you like in this stunning island paradise.

Highlights of Bali

Kuta Beach
If you’re looking for a lively area with a great selection of cafes, bars and restaurants and top nightlife, Kuta Beach is the perfect destination.
Ubud Monkey Forest
Right in the heart of Bali lies Ubud Monkey Forest, a great place to hike and explore sacred temples. This ecological reserve is also home to the Balinese long-tailed macaque.
The seaside town of Candidasa along Bali’s south coast is a fantastic beach destination for anyone who wishes to escape the crowds. Fantastic for luxury resorts, spas and peaceful beach relaxation.
Uluwatu Temple
Uluwatu Temple is a Balinese sea temple and is considered to be one of the most sacred places on the island.
For luxury seekers or honeymooners, the beach resort area of Seminyak is a popular choice. Abundant in high end hotels with stunning sea views, this is one of the most extravagant places to be.

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