Introducing Vancouver

Vancouver is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. With mountains, lakes and the bright blue ocean right on your doorstep, this bustling west coast seaport located in British Columbia offers the best of both worlds, giving visitors access to both untouched nature and sprawling city life. Vancouver, as a city destination, is the perfect representation of what Canada is all about; the ideal balance of everything. And that’s something that travellers seem to love about this place. Where there’s shopping, there’s also great scenery, where there’s nightlife, there’s also beautiful garden space, and where there’s a secret network of underground bars there’s also a spot high up on a hill somewhere to catch your own private sunset. Thriving with a fantastic art and music scene, great restaurants, Vancouver isn’t just a city for outdoor enthusiasts – although those who love to be outdoors really will fit right in here.

Highlights of Vancouver

Stanley Park
A beautiful park area which features a scenic seawall.
Capilano Suspension Bridge
One of the most iconic landmarks of the city, this bridge offers mind-blowing views over the forest.
English Bay
A scenic coastal area featuring a lovely beach and a number of sculptures.
Queen Elizabeth Park
Visit this stunning 130 acre municipal park, located right in the heart of the city.
Kitsilano Beach
The beautiful Kitsilano Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Vancouver with safe, shallow waters for paddling.
Vancouver Aquarium
This large aquarium offers a superb day out for the whole family.
Bloedel Conservatory
A spectacular domed conservatory and aviary featuring rare plants and flowers.

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