Introducing Ontario

This Canadian province borders Quebec and Manitoba, and like its neighbours it has a continental climate, where the north experiences long cold winters and short summers whilst the south enjoys the tempering effect of the Great Lakes. Best known for some of its southern cities such as Toronto, Ottawa, Hamilton and Windsor, holidays here are conveniently located to the United States border and the spectacular Niagara Falls. With the biggest waterfall, the Horseshoe Falls (also named the Canadian Falls) being on the Canadian side of the border, the southern Ontario cities make a great base for those who want to explore the amazing natural wonder of Niagara and Niagara State Park. If you’re looking for the perfect family city break, a destination such as Toronto can also provide the perfect playground for foodies and party animals, culture vultures and beach lovers.

Highlights of Ontario

A beautiful city offering a mix of soaring skyscrapers, lakes and big green spaces. Don’t miss the famous CN Tower and various other sights.
The country’s south eastern capital best known for its Parliament Hill and top museums such as the National Gallery.
Niagara Falls
Visit the Niagara Falls and go to ‘Journey Behind the Falls’ to see views behind the Horseshoe waterfall.
Algonquin Park
Explore this beautiful provincial park which is great for hiking and camping.

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