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Introducing Malta

This often forgotten place is the beautiful country of Malta; found just below the island of Sicily and the foot of the boot of Italy, and edging strikingly close to the Northern coastline of Africa, this off the beaten path island cluster has a very unique kind of charm. Centred almost right at the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, it’s the epitome of Med life yet it’s still relatively unknown to many travellers and holiday makers. The Malta archipelago, officially known as the Republic of Malta, won’t impress in size, population or landmass. With less than 450,000 people living in the country and surface area covering just 122 square miles, you’ll certainly never feel overwhelmed but that doesn’t mean that you’ll ever be short of things to see and do. Because great things come in small packages and where Malta can’t compete in size, it will wow you with its long and rich history, its amazing diversity and very unique culture, its magical fortresses and storybook palaces, its Megalithic temples and soulful ruins, its stunning coastline and mysterious caves, its awesome dives spots and dramatic cliff drops. From rugged to manicured, the Malta beaches have it all and from the Romans, Moors and French to the British, the historical sites leave no stone unturned in Malta’s diverse cultural past.

The different rulers over the centuries have created a fusion of Mediterranean cultures, extraordinary mythology and folklore, a truly eclectic cuisine, and a number of different festivals, calendar events and carnivals that highlight the assorted principles and essences of this very unique world. The Malta archipelago is made up of three major islands, Malta, Gozo and Comino with many other smaller islands which are uninhabited. Malta is the largest island and home to the capital city of Valetta and is often described as an open-air museum of untouched history; Gozo is the second largest island and is a green masterpiece with a dedication to sustainability, peculiar sites and pristine beaches; whilst Comino is a tiny island made for beach bums and keen divers. Whatever type of holiday you’re after, the islands of Malta really do have it all!


Family values are important to the Maltese so family travel here is always welcome. The Maltese love kids and you’ll find that most places are child-friendly. Locals are said to be very helpful in giving directions and helping you out if you are lost, there are more than 80 public transport routes for easy travel to and from all the main areas, and restaurants will have English written menus as more than 70% speak English as a first or second language. So Malta is a very convenient and safe place for family travel.


Maltese cuisine is perhaps the first ever real fusion cuisine in the world and takes influences from Spanish, French, Maghrebin, Provençal French and British cooking. The basis of all Maltese food is “Cucina Povera” which translates as “the poor man’s kitchen” and comprises of hearty, carb-heavy dishes designed to fill you up – so you will see a lot of bread and pasta options when eating out. Some of their most notable dishes are Timpana (pasta pie), Ftira (the Maltese version of pizza), Fenkata (rabbit stew served with bread or potatoes) and Pastizzi parcels (a savoury pastry).

History and Culture

Modern Maltese culture is often thought of as a rich pattern of different traditions and beliefs, and this has been influenced by the many cultures which once ruled their land. Almost 98% of the population are said to be Roman Catholic but in modern times, religion doesn’t play the same role in daily life as it used to. Some may tell you that the Maltese are loud – they love to talk – and some may even tell you that they come across abrupt and rude – but mostly, they are warm and friendly and extremely helpful to tourists and visitors to their islands.

Top Locations in Malta

The country’s capital is full of untouched history and some of the main attractions include The Great Wall of Malta, San Anton Palace, Manoel Theatre, Fort St. Angelo, the National War Museum, Casa Rocca Piccola, the National Museum of Archaeology, the Royal Opera House, St Augustine Church and St. John's Co-Cathedra. For foodies, the capital’s restaurant scene is an exciting mix of international flavours and there are a handful of bars along the Valletta Waterfront for those who are after a bit of nightlife. Don’t expect huge party atmospheres as the city tends to fall quiet after dark but Valetta’s biggest architectural attractions light up at night so it’s still worth heading out for a midnight stroll.
St. Paul’s Bay
St. Paul’s Bay is the place to be if you’re looking for the perfect mix of beaches and architecture. This Northern Maltese town is the largest town in the region and is best known for its pretty coastline, long stretches of golden sand, stunning cathedrals and churches, and interesting nightlife. The Buġibba area of St. Paul’s Bay makes it one of the biggest resort towns in the country so a must-visit if you’re looking for the ultimate beach holiday.
The Three Cities
Made up of Vittoriosa, Senglea and Cospicua, the “Three Cities” is a great way to tour the island of Malta. These three key destinations have been home to almost every race and culture who have ruled, colonised and lived on these lands so they will give you the perfect taster to Maltese history.
Comino Island
The Blue Lagoon is the island’s biggest attraction and it really is a bucket list must-see for anyone visiting the archipelago. Set between the islands of Malta and Gozo, this gorgeous paradise is a beach bum’s dream and is the place to come for swimming, beaches, snorkelling and scuba diving.
Gozo makes for a beautiful change of scenery from the main island and it’s steeped in wonderful history as well as offering an endless choice of coastal walks or country trails for those who want to loosen their legs and get in some steady exercise whilst soaking up the amazing views. Baroque churches and traditional stone houses dot the landscape and this is the sort of island which is perfect for a daytrip or a few night’s stay.

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