Introducing Arctic

The Arctic is surrounded by vast wilderness of imposing mountains, untamed islands, and enormous ice sheets. This area has attracted naturalists, intrepid explorers, and people looking for peace and quiet for hundreds of years thanks to the great variety of Arctic wildlife. The Arctic’s extraordinary beauty has long enchanted tourists. You can find glacier fronts, icebergs, and mountainous landscapes at the far north of Svalbard in the Norwegian Arctic. Towering cliffs are transformed into a frenzy of activity by thousands of guillemots. In other places, the overwhelming stillness—lonely bays studded with icebergs or an uninterrupted mass of ice cover enveloping the horizon can be discovered on your adventure.

Holiday Destinations in Arctic

Most Popular Regions in Arctic

From the astounding otherworldly beauty of a massive iceberg to the wealth of animals, this untouched environment continues to be a lonely and unspoiled adventurer's paradise. Antarctica is a spectacular place unmatched by any other. Due to its short season, November through March is the ideal time to visit Antarctica. Birds and penguins woo and mate to start the season, and December and January have 20 hours of sunshine, milder temperatures, and melting ice. Later in the year when temperatures begin to fall, is the best time to go whale watching and observe penguin chicks take their steps to independence from their parents.
Greenland's short coastal border of rocky mountains and green valleys is dominated by the second-largest icecap in the world. 90% of the population resides in isolated communities along the west coast, including the city of Nuuk and Disko Bay, which is well-known for its enormous icebergs. In contrast, outside of the Ammassalik region, East Greenland is mostly unpopulated. This secluded area is home to ice-flecked bays and stunning landscapes. South Greenland is a remote, unspoiled region with an abundant history and culture in addition to enormous glaciers and majestic fjords. Between May to September is the ideal time to visit and explore Viking ruins, as well as walk across fjords and experience the grand beauty of this amazing landscape.

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